Idaho Black Bear Hunting Outfitters

Kyle Hanson with a nice Idaho black bear

Our Idaho black bear hunting outfitters offer baited hunts, great spot-and-stalk, and even hound hunts depending on what type of hunt you’re looking for. An added bonus is Idaho has LOTS of color phase black bears. Even though they are called black bears, the coloring of Idaho’s bears are also cinnamon, brown and some have blazes.

Black Bear Hunting in Idaho

  • Idaho has a healthy population of black bears. There are some units that have a two-bear limit.
  • Color phase bears are common…even the norm in some areas of Idaho.
  • Taking a mature boar is always the goal with the Idaho black bear hunting outfitters that we work with.
  • Baiting, hound hunting and spring bear hunts are all legal in Idaho.
  • In the Fall, Idaho has some good combo opportunities.
  • Nonresident deer and elk tags may also be used to harvest a black bear or mountain lion.
  • Idaho Black Bear Hunting Regulations

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