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Found solely on the continental mainland of the Canadian Arctic, Barren Ground muskox (SCI Classification) are the world’s largest of all Muskox varieties both in body size and horns. This survivor of the last Ice Age is a unique animal, and Nunavut muskox hunting will be the experience of a lifetime…rivaled only by possibly a polar bear hunt.

  • We offer spring, summer and fall seasons for Nunavut muskox hunting trips.
  • The muskox population throughout these new areas is exceptionally healthy, with herds upwards of 20 animals frequently seen while out on the land.
  • All hunts are based on a 2×2 hunter to guide ratio travelling together for safety measures.
  • As with our other hunt locations, we expect to harvest several Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young and SCI record book bulls.
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The Barren Ground muskox is classified by SCI, and is only found only on the mainland of Nunavut, Canada. The Nunavut muskox hunting range includes the region from the Arctic coast of Queen Maud Gulf to the north, and from Cape Bathurst in the west to the Sherman Basin in the east. Our outfitter has been hunting this area since March of 1986, and entries from their hunters dominate the the Boone and Crockett and SCI record books.

Muskox Bulls huddled in a defensive posture.

Our Nunavut Muskox Hunting Trip has Unmatched Trophy Quality

Barren Ground muskox are much larger than the Greenland subspecies on Victoria Island, and our outfitter dominates the record books. Their hunting areas produce tremendous opportunities on high scoring bull muskox with many of the top entries in the B&C, P&Y and SCI record books.

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huge muskox bull taken on a spring hunt in Nunavut, Canada

Spring Muskox Hunt

Mid-March to Mid-April

A spring muskox hunt is the best hunt for you if you want and Arctic adventure, and to experience the Inuit culture in the harshest environment on earth. The Inuit people assist our outfitters with their traditional hunting knowledge. You will hunt from a sled that is being pulled by a snow machine, which allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly in search of a trophy bull. You will typically see more animals on the spring hunts than you will in the fall.

*Be sure you dress properly on these spring Arctic hunts as the weather is extreme.

Summer Nunavut muskox hunting

Summer Muskox Hunt

Mid-August to Early September

If braving an Arctic spring hunt isn’t for you, maybe a late summer hunt is more up your alley.  This is the only area of Nunavut where the Greenland muskox can be hunted in August and September. Late summer hunts are great if you’re concerned about the weather conditions in March or November.

The rut will be in full swing, peaking in mid-August. The bulls will be butting heads in competition for breeding cows. It’s quite a spectacle to behold! This is a fun spot and stalk style that is perfect for bowhunters. Hunters tend to worry that the hides will not be prime this time of year, but muskox keep their dense fur even through the summer months.

Kyle Hanson with his archery Barren Ground Muskox taken with our Premier Nunavut muskox hunting outfitter.

Fall Muskox Hunt

Mid-October to Early November

The fall muskox hunts are much like the spring hunts, but the weather isn’t quite as extreme. Depending on the year, there will be snow, and most lakes are frozen…but, the fall hunts aren’t as bitter cold as the spring hunts. You’ll be hunting via snow machines or ATV’s pulling an Inuit sled (Komatik), covering lots of ground. One great thing about fall hunts is you can combo them with a caribou.

You’ll be hunting with local Inuit Hunting Guides

In 2014 the outfitter saw the need for a northern-based guides training program founded on advancing Inuit culture and traditions. The instructors are local Inuit Senior elders who have an acute knowledge of the land and its wildlife.

Southern values do not drive the course outline. This keeps with the generational passing down of Inuit Knowledge and the skills required to venture out on the land, sea and ice. The Inuit are skilled hunters, and the goal of the guides training program looks to complement these traditional abilities.

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  1. David Sjodin

    I had many opportunities at great animals and my guide was able to get me onto the ones I wanted. He was very accommodating.

  2. Kyle Hanson

    The adventure was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget! Every aspect of this entire trip was very closely looked after and nothing was left to question. Easily the most organized operation I have had the opportunity to hunt with.

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