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Frank Church wilderness mule deer hunting takes place during the heart of the mule deer rut during the migration out of the high country. You will be amazed at the number of deer you will see each day on this very special hunt.

  • You will fly-in, hunt on horseback, and spot-and-stalk trophy mule deer.
  • Late October through November 18 during the rut.
  • You should see 10 to 20 bucks a day on average. Bucks will average between 150-170″, with some exceeding 200″.
  • Since the Frank Church Wilderness is so remote, hunting pressure on the deer in this area is very low. Not only is it remote, it also takes place in November during the rut AND in a migration corridor! The quantity and quality of bucks is amazing!
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If you’re looking for a traditional, backcountry mule deer hunt, this is the trip for you. Our famous Frank Church Wilderness mule deer hunting trip is one of our most sought after mule deer hunts. Since the Frank Church Wilderness is so remote, hunting pressure on the deer in this area is very low. Not only is it remote, it also takes place during the rut AND in a migration corridor! The quantity and quality of bucks is amazing! On a normal year, you should see 10 to 20 bucks a day on average.

This is a classic wilderness mule deer hunt.

Located in the beautiful wilderness of Idaho’s famous Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area this is one of our most sought after mule deer hunts for good reason. Frank Church Wilderness mule deer hunting can be out of this world if you hit the migration/rut/weather right. In fact, we’ve never been on this hunt and not seen at least one good buck during the course of a week.

The type of hunt that people dream about.

Fly into the wilderness, get picked up with horses and a pack string to ride into camp…the camp is a classic tent-style with a cook, wranglers and guides. Lots of deer, and it’s during the rut. AND THEY’RE MIGRATING TOO! It just doesn’t get any better.

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High Camp in the Frank Church on Big Creek

Stay in comfortable wall tents with wood stoves.

There are two hunters to one tent so there will be plenty of space. All meals are provided as there is a cook in camp that will make all the meals. The days will start with one of their camp cooks hearty breakfasts. After breakfast hunters and guides will get on horses and head in the woods. Be prepared to hike here and there as well.

These hunts book out every year, so contact us quickly if you’d like to go.

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19 reviews for Frank Church Wilderness Mule Deer Hunting

  1. Louis DiGiovani

    The camp was wilderness luxury with top notch tents, wood stoves, cots with 2″ foamy mattresses, and gourmet meals.

  2. Chris Cantler

    Thank you to OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL for pointing us in the right direction! We are looking forward to going on this hunt again sometime soon.

  3. Gregory Mescan

    Great fly into the forest service airstrip. 8 hours in by horseback. Primitive camping, which is what I wanted. Did not see anyone while in the backcountry, which is what I wanted.
    A true Western adventure all the way around.

  4. Raymond Thomas

    This was a once in a lifetime hunt for me and all my expectations were met or exceeded. I would recommend this hunt to anyone.

  5. Jacob Walkenhauer

    We had our minds made up well before the hunt was over that we wanted to come back and luckily we were able to book it again. I for one absolutely cant wait for the day we fly back into the Frank Church Wilderness.

  6. Gary Ball

    The outfitter and all the guide’s – personnel were 110% courteous, appreciative and well mannered. He runs a tight ship
    My little brother Steve had a BLAST!

  7. Tony Shafer

    This Idaho backcountry hunt was truly a hunt of a lifetime!!

  8. Hughie Blacke

    My guide was very knowledgeable and worked hard to get a great deer for me. The food and accommodations were great and the wilderness setting was amazing. I’d like to go back for a wilderness elk hunt.

  9. Kody Carr

    The hunt was an amazing experience, trip, staff, hunt, food, sleeping quarters, and horses were all top notch.

  10. Ron Hicks

    For a true remote backcountry wilderness hunt experience, I highly recommend this Idaho mule deer hunt. This outfitter has 35 years experience, quality stock, comfortable camps, and outstanding guides and staff for a unique wilderness experience.

  11. Paul Julander

    Truly a first rate outfitter. From the camp, food, to the knowledge and hospitality of the team this was an awesome experience. Camp was in large outfitter style tents with wood burning stoves. Meals were homemade, and far beyond what I expected in the backcountry, all served in the main tent, which was warm clean and dry.

    No hesitation recommending this hunt to anyone, and would certainly do it again.

  12. Jace Myers

    Great trip, amazing time, great mule deer hunting. Kyle and Outdoors International always put me in the best situations to get the best opportunity in the wilderness.

  13. Patrick Kissel

    What a great week in the wilderness of Idaho! These mountains are as rugged and beautiful as I expected. The Frank Church Wilderness is rich with plenty of mule deer to satisfy any hunter. I plan to go back in 2023 with my dad for another trip. He always wanted to hunt in the Frank and he absolutely loved this hunt!

  14. Andy Nagel

    Extremely awesome, challenging, beautiful would love to do it again trip! The Frank is incredible! We saw a lot of deer, rams, elk, coyote and other game. The group of four filled out a day early with four beautiful Idaho timber muleys. Our outfitter took every chance to make our hunt unforgettable. Jake our guide was the best!

  15. Duffy Hammond

    It was a trip like no other. The scenery was amazing along with the guides that were out there with us hunters. Great food on a daily basis. This was a great backcountry mule deer hunt.

  16. Jace Myers

    Another great mule deer hunt in Idaho. This outfitter, in my opinion has the best outfit in Idaho. Top Notch guides. Jake, my guide again was awesome. Andrew and I both killed upper age class bucks that were great mature trophies for the area. Amazing views. Great food. Great Experience.

  17. Andrew Neill

    Everything was top notch. If you’re looking for a true wilderness hunting experience this should be a top choice, I’ve never had guides and staff work so hard for their customers. 10 OUT OF 10 RATING FROM ME!

  18. Jared Eyler

    Once we landed at our airstrip the adventure only continued to excel day by day. The guides and staff all made it number one priority to see that we were well taken care of at all times. Their work ethic never ceased to amaze me throughout the trip.

  19. Charles Mascioli

    Excellent hunt.

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