Mozambique Lion Hunt

  • Lion hunting in Mozambique is typically done over bait, but you may also do some calling or walk and stalk hunting.
  • Success is never guaranteed, but it is likely on this hunt.
  • You can expect to hunt old, mature male lions that are a minimum of five to six years old.
  • Mozambique lion hunts are at least 21 days.
  • Your hunting safari can also be extended if necessary to ensure that you get your trophy.
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A Mozambique lion hunt puts you in one of the wildest places left on the planet, where they are (relatively) unpressured. Free ranging, wild lions face immense pressure from the expanding human footprint on the African continent, resulting in an unprecedented human-lion conflict within the lions’ natural habitat. In many African countries, conservation efforts have been made to only target male lions aged six and above, a time when their breeding prime has passed. Moreover, permits to hunt wild lions are extremely limited and expensive.

A nice African lion taken in Mozambique

Mozambique Lion Hunting Methods

Baiting Lions

A lion hunt almost always follows directly behind a Cape buffalo hunt so that lions can be pre-baited before you even arrive in camp. Traditionally, on a Mozambique lion hunt, your PH will place bait at multiple locations, waiting for a mature male lion to take the bait. The bait must be hung in a tree in such a way that a lion can reach the meat but can’t drag it away.

Trail cams are used to identify trophy males that are hitting the bait. Once an eligible lion is feeding on the bait, a blind (machan) is quickly erected, where you’ll wait, anticipating a sighting of the lion while feeding. In Mozambique, it is legal to hunt lion at night with artificial light. The ideal situation is for you to arrive and already have the baits being hit.


Usually, a spot-and-stalk African lion hunt involves you the hunter, the professional hunter, and one or more trackers. The safari vehicle can be employed to seek out lion spoor, then you’re on foot from there. This is an exceedingly exhilarating way of hunting lions. The animal is known for being unpredictable, swift, and furtive.

When you catch up with him, you’ll usually have only time for one shot, and if you don’t make it a good one, the situation can swiftly become interesting. A lion that has been wounded may occasionally wait in ambush, then charge the nearest pursuer. It will focus on a solitary individual, and won’t stop until you put him down.

Calling Lions

Sometimes you’ll hunt lions with predator calls. Electronic, remote callers can be very effective in some situations. Having a pride of lions come into your call is exciting to say the least.

Best Caliber for African Lion Hunting

Mozambique doesn’t have a minimum caliber or power restrictions when it comes to rifle hunting.  However, prudence dictates that you use a proper rifle, especially when you’re hunting something as dangerous as a lion. We would suggest something in the .375 family, but would not feel over-gunned with a .416.

Other Game Available in Mozambique

Once you have taken your lion, there are many Cape buffalo in this region of Mozambique, as well as many species of plains game to hunt on a trophy fee basis. A few of the unique plains game species include a number of Tiny Ten species; Roosevelt Sable; Livingstone Eland; Lichtenstein Hartebeest; and Niassa Wildebeest.

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