The red stag roar is a magical time.

The Red Stag Roar

The red stag roar takes place around September to October depending on weather in the Northern Hemisphere and opposite in the southern hemisphere. Preferred hunting method during the rut is spot-and-stalk and calling.

Most hunting will be focused around the red stag roar, or rut.

In New Zealand, this takes place from late March through April. Roaring stags can be hunted in a similar way to bugling elk, and calling an aggressive stag in is an awesome experience. As with all species there will be year to year variations with the exact timing of the ‘roar’/rut.

Pre rut can also be good hunting.

Like mule deer and elk, the stags are often found high above treeline, fattening up before the roar. I would wait until February to ensure that the stags are in hard velvet or starting to strip. Some older stags will come into hard antler earlier, but I think it’s best to ensure they are well and truly ready to strip, as summer temperatures can quickly ruin a soft velvet head.

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