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  • Hunt some of the largest stags in Argentina during the “roar”.
  • Free range hunts take place on 40,000 private acres of Argentinian ranch land.
  • Estate hunts are on 3,000 forested acres.
  • Hunting season in Argentina runs from March to late August.
  • Additional species such as water buffalo, fallow deer and mouflon sheep are also available.
  • Exceptional lodging and accommodations.
  • 1×1 Professional guiding.
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If you’re looking for an exciting big game hunt, look no further than this incredible Argentina red stag hunting trip. This hunt offers the beauty of Argentina while at the same time providing access to some of the largest Stags in Argentina. This hunt also offers the comforts of high end quality lodging with large bedrooms and tea time!

Offering trophy free range and estate options.

One of the most exhilarating big game experiences is red stag hunting in Argentina during the rut…the “Roaring Season!” The high concentrations and plentiful numbers offer a very real opportunity to harvest the trophy of a lifetime.

This is an exceptional Argentina red stag hunting trip, but there are plenty of other species too.

You’ll also have an opportunity to hunt axis deer, blackbuck, hybrid sheep, water buffalo, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, feral goats, multi-horned sheep and the largest rodent in the world, the capybara just to name a few.

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water buffalo hunting in Argentina

You’ll be staying in a very nice, brand new lodge.

“Old World Charm” and gracious hospitality is the feeling that you’ll experience. The outfitter pays attention to every detail and plans of every aspect of your trip. From booking flights to transferring between airports, the first class accommodations, the expert guiding and trophy handling, the gourmet cooking. Everything is expertly handled so you will have a comfortable seamless experience when you come to visit.

Each hunter will have their own double bedroom with private bathroom, laundry service and room service. Guests will also have a living room/lounge to relax in and visit with fellow hunters. For Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner fine Argentinian Cuisine will be prepared by your chef. You can expect local game, Asado, and high quality beverages.

The fishing in Argentina can be exceptional as well.

Argentina hosts a diverse population of indigenous fish species found only in the southern part of South America. The golden dorado is a relentless hunter and fierce fighter who will challenge any angler, jumping violently until the very last minute. You owe it to yourself to try out the fishing in Argentina.

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5 reviews for Argentina Red Stag Hunting

  1. Russ Hayden

    This was a hunt of a lifetime for me and I would highly recommend this outfitter.

    The accommodations were very nice and clean. The kitchen staff was very polite and hard working. They not only served our meals but also cleaned our rooms and washed our clothes daily. The food was Delicious as we were able to eat several types of wild game, including red stag, wild boar, and water buffalo. Each was cooked Argentina style.

    He is very friendly and a great host. His manager Julio, runs a very smooth operation. Making sure all the hunters and guides are on the same page.

  2. Jeremy Farrington

    This trip was amazing. It’s truly a real hunt. Listening to the roars of the Stags is something I will never forget. Their roars are incredible to hear. Over all this was a trip of a lifetime and well worth the cost. If you are wanting to hunt Red Stag in the wild, fair chase I would definitely recommend this outfitter.

  3. Matthew Kerzner

    My hunting trip to Argentina was great. Very well organized which made all the travel arrangements flawless. The lodge, food and staff were all top notch. Attention to detail was never overlooked. Accommodations and hunting area were great.

  4. John Lebanc

    Alejandro, owner and operator, was the perfect host. He and his staff were responsive to the needs of the 8 hunters in our group. They went above and beyond to be sure each hunter had a shot opportunity, even when the roar was delayed and the red stag were not moving. They even went out of their way to provide me non-meat meals on Wednesday and Friday of Lent.

  5. Matthew Snyder

    Alejandro is everything you want in and outfitter. he is involved in every aspect from travel to the guides to the trophy pictures and prep in the field. Everything you want in and outfitter and or host.

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