If you’re looking for an exciting big game hunt, look no further than this incredible Argentina red stag hunting trip. This hunt offers the beauty of Argentina while at the same time providing access to some of the largest Stags in Argentina. This hunt also offers the comforts of high end quality lodging with large bedrooms and tea time!

  • One of the most exhilarating big game experiences is red stag hunting in Argentina during the rut…the “Roaring Season!” The high concentrations and plentiful numbers offer a very real opportunity to harvest the trophy of a lifetime.
  • You’ll also have an opportunity to hunt axis deer, blackbuck, hybrid sheep, water buffalo, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, feral goats, multi-horned sheep and the largest rodent in the world, the capybara just to name a few.
  • Fishing in Argentina is amazing.
  • Exceptional lodging and accommodations.
  • 1×1 Professional guiding
  • Some of the largest Stags in Argentina
  • High quality accommodations
  • Hunt during the “Roar”
  • Dates from March to late August
  • Free range hunts take place on 40,000 acres
  • Estate hunts are on 3,000 forested acres
Argentina Red Stag Hunting
Argentina Red Stag Hunting