Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting Packages

We offer the best fair chase and free range Big Game Hunts in Argentina!

  • Hunt some of the largest free range water buffalo in Argentina.
  • Water buffalo hunting in Argentina can be done all year, but the best time is from May through November.
  • Additional species are also available on a trophy fee basis.
  • Exceptional lodging and accommodations.
  • 1×1 Professional guiding.
  • Archery friendly outfitter.
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One of the most popular free range big game hunts in South America is Argentina Water buffalo hunting. Large lagoons, marshlands and the thick bush, especially in the province of Corrientes is the ideal habitat for them. Here at Outdoors International, we and our outfitter partners in Argentina consistently work on providing great hunting packages with exceptional accommodations and service.

A Gold Medal water buffalo bull like this is what you're after on our Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting trips.

Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting

  • Water buffalo hunting is very interesting because they are dangerous, unpredictable animals. The first shot is essential since once injured they have great resistance and aggressiveness, so it is essential to locate it in their vital organs.
  • The hunting season for Water Buffalo in Argentina is long and lasts from March all the way to November. March and April can be extremely hot, so we recommend hunting in May at the earliest.
  • There are two key regions for hunting Water Buffalo in Argentina: La Pampa and Corrientes.
  • We recommend to use of large calibers for buffalo hunting such as 416 Rigby, 470 NE or even larger. The smallest caliber that we would recommend would be the 375 H&H.
  • Archery hunting for water buffalo can be extremely exciting, just make sure that you’re setup is heavy enough. We recommend you use the same archery setup that you would for cape buffalo.

Where is the best Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting?

Our outfitter partner in Argentina has arguably the best properties for buffalo hunting in Argentina both in La Pampa and in Corrientes. Although both areas differ in landscape and the other species roaming each area, both make for a great hunting experience depending on the client’s trophy wish list. It is not uncommon for clients to hunt both areas in search of multiple species and to be able to experience hunting in two completely different areas of Argentina.

Even though Austin and I did not harvest a red stag, we were very satisfied with our harvest of a water buffalo and blackbuck antelope.
A nice bull taken by an Outdoors International client in La Pampa.

Similar to other big game hunting in Argentina, La Pampa is a key region for hunting Water Buffalo.

La Pampa is a common area for hunting due to the fact that it has areas with deserts, salt lakes, short bush, and grasslands. These different ecosystems home many different types of animals, especially big game animals that are ideal for hunting. If you’re a wingshooter, then adding a day of dove or pigeon shooting onto your hunt is a popular add-on in La Pampa.

If you would like to combine your Argentina water buffalo hunting experience with Red Stag, La Pampa is your best bet. The area is well known for exceptional Red Stag and Blackbuck hunting, as well as a variety of other big game species. Additionally, the terrain of La Pampa is mostly flat with some areas of rolling hills, so hunters tend to find this region much easier for hunting than other regions of Argentina.

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Gold Medal Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting
A great free range bull taken in the Corrientes province.

Corrientes is probably our favorite free range Argentina water buffalo hunting destination.

As well as La Pampa, the province of Corrientes is one of the most important areas for Argentina Water Buffalo hunting. This province is located in the northeast part of Argentina. The very extensive marshlands and thick forests are the perfect habitat for these large wild bovines that thrive in the area.

This ecosystem is also home to the best free range Axis Deer trophies found in Argentina as well as other species such as wild boar and capybara. Other indigenous species that can be seen while hunting such as the Brocket Deer and the Cayman enhance the whole experience. We offer an exceptional Argentina Water Buffalo/Axis Deer Hunt Package in Corrientes.

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Cooking Argentina Style

Lodging and Accommodations

Your hunt will include cozy accommodation, barbecues with the best Argentine cuts, gourmet cuisine, fresh vegetables from our garden and first-class wines.

“Old World Charm” and gracious hospitality is the feeling that you’ll experience. The outfitter pays attention to every detail and plans of every aspect of your trip. From booking flights to transferring between airports, the first class accommodations, the expert guiding and trophy handling, the gourmet cooking. Everything is expertly handled so you will have a comfortable seamless experience when you come to visit.


Your lodging will vary slightly depending on the Argentina red stag hunting package that you choose. In most cases, each hunter will have their own double bedroom with private bathroom, laundry service and room service. After an intense hunting day, join your guides in the dining room to relax and enjoy your evenings by the fireplace, with a drink from the fully stacked bar.


For Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner, fine Argentine Cuisine will be prepared by your chef. You can expect local game, Asado, and high quality beverages, including Argentina wine.

At Outdoors International, we understand the importance of meticulous planning and seamless logistics for a successful International hunt. Our team of hunting consultants is dedicated to providing you with a memorable and stress-free experience. From assisting with permits and licenses to arranging comfortable accommodations and reliable transportation, we and our Argentina water buffalo hunting outfitter partner will take care of every detail, allowing you to focus solely on your thrilling adventure.

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