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Quebec Red Stag Hunting

Hunt the biggest Red Stags in the world without leaving North America!

    • Hunting terrain approx 1400 acres.
    • We Hunt from August through into October.
    • The peak of the rut (roar) is mid September to mid October.
    • 3 days hunting over 4 days/3 nights. Starting Tuesday to Friday or Saturday to Tuesday.
    • Hunting is mostly Spot and Stalk. We have UTV’s to access the terrain and blinds for when weather is not so nice.
    • If you have a group of 4 hunters, you can have exclusive use of the Luxury Lodge, this comes with a 10% discount per hunter.
    • Combination Red Stag and Elk Bull hunts come with a 10% discount for the lower priced of the two species harvested.
    • Holding the most top 10 record SCI record stags than any other outfit in the world, this estate provides nothing less than quality results.
    • Your hunt is conducted on a beautiful estate in the Laurentian Mountains. Be ready to climb the hills of Quebec Canada in search of the biggest Red Stags you have ever seen.

    This trip not only includes record breaking animals but also includes some of the best accommodations a hunter could dream of. With their newly refurbished lodge, and fine dining you won’t want to leave. This outfit is sure to please the pickiest of hunters. As you hunt through their amazing 1,000 acre estate you are sure to gain an appreciation of these monster animals. If you’re looking for a truly exciting hunt it’s recommended to hunt when the Stags are in the rut as they are something you will never forget!

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You’ll be hunting from a 5-star, 1,000 acre red stag hunting Estate in Quebec, Canada is among the most prestigious hunting destinations in the world. Managed by a full-time wildlife biologist to produce red stags and elk scoring over 400 inches, with Top 25 and Top 10 trophies taken every year.

The trophy quality of both the red stag and Manitoban elk is unmatched. No other hunting venue can boast ever holding the record for both the world’s largest elk and largest Stag. This outfitter claims the most Top 10 elk AND red deer in the SCI Record Book, and even took both the #1 SCI elk AND red stag in a single year!

Five Star Hunting Lodge

Be prepared for the finest of lodging and dining the outdoor industry has to offer. Your lodge includes a great room that’s 1,000 square feet, HDTV, over sized fireplace, bar and billiards table. End your day with a relaxing evening around their African style outdoor fire pit. Their beautiful new refurbished five star lodge will provide you with the best experience possible. If the fine dining and five star stay still isn’t enough, there is also fishing in their privately stocked lake.

Be prepared for some of the best food you have ever eaten. Their chef will make a continental breakfast every morning. Lunch and snacks are also prepared and provided based on the client. Every night is ended with a fine dining experience you won’t soon forget. This multi-course dinner is served with the best top shelf drinks.

Typical Daily Schedule

Everyday is began with an amazing continental breakfast provided by the on sight chef. After breakfast you will accompany your guide as you take the UTV into the estate in search of your trophy. Expect to walk about 2-3 km a day. After the morning hunt you and your guide will return to the lodge to prepare for the evening hunt. Lunch and a light snack are at the guests wishes. Following your lunch the evening hunt will commence. Your day is ended with an amazing fine dining experience cooked by the estates on sight chef. Expect nothing less than exceptional! Courses range from 3-5 for your evening meal.


All hunts are guided one on one by professional guides. Your guide is highly experienced and willing to help you in any way that they can. The Stags are the only thing that know the land better than your guide. They are able to help you in all parts of the hunt including field judging! Your guide will transport you to and from hunt areas and will build the hunt to your abilities.

Non Hunters are Welcome

This stag hunting lodge is a great place for non-hunting guests as well. The Estate’s private lake, is well-stocked with trout, and boats and fishing tackle are available for all guests.

The SCI World Record elk came from this outfitter, and you can add an elk to your stag hunt,

If you’re looking for a truly exciting hunt it’s recommended to do a combo hunt when the Elk and Red Stags are in the rut as this is something you will never forget!




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  1. Cory Glauner

    I was blown away by the size of the stags we saw, and it was a nice surprise to learn how wily they were. I didn’t expect that. If you are wanting to hunt red stags, you should really consider this hunt. It is a great alternative to hunting them in New Zealand or Europe.

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