Mat with a great free range red stag

Free Range Red Stag Hunting

The term free range generally means truly wild, but it’s not always the case, it can be that they are running free but were not born wild. Africa is a good example, some animals are 100% born wild on a very large high fence reserve, but are born wild within the fenced area. Some are captured wild and moved in to the fenced reserve, or even bred in captivity, then traded. These stags will “go wild” very quickly once with the rest of the herds.

Wild Red Stags

This terms is what you think it means, wild; born free, never fenced or bred. However, these stags may have had some help along the way with restoring breeding populations, fed over winter,or even had water sources made available to them.

Fair Chase Hunts

This term is most often misunderstood, most think it is synonymous with wild but it’s always the case. Fair chase can mean it runs “wild” in a large enclosure, but it can be small as well. Boone and Crockett uses fair chase as a term to mean no fences, which could even be low cattle fences. In the end the term needs to be explained on the hunt you’re asking about. We focus on very large estates over 2,500 to 30,000 acres before we really call it fair chase. If it’s a 3,000 acres island and born wild, is that fair chase or wild?

We have partnered with some great outfitters for wild, free range red stag hunting.

These are true free range red stags, born and bred in the wild. If a fair chase stag hunt is what you’re after, we’ve got some great ones!