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Strobel Lake Fishing Report by Greg Pope

ANGLER: Greg Pope TRIP TAKEN: Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Lodge CONSULTANT: Patrick Kissel, Outdoors International [...]

Alaska Fly Fishing Gear List

Our packing list will help you be prepared for your Alaska fly fishing trip. The [...]

Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge Report by Richard VanAusdal

FISHING REPORT Angler: Richard VanAusdal Date: July 23 through 30, 2022 Trip Taken: Bristol Bay [...]

Best Fishing in British Columbia

British Columbia offers first class fishing with a ton of value. British Columbia fishing is [...]

Saskatchewan Fishing Trips

Saskatchewan fishing is renowned as a top lake trout destinations. In fact, the largest Lake [...]

Best Time to Fly Fish in Chile-Patagonia

The best time to fly fish in Chile depends how you want to fish and [...]

Essential Fly Fishing Gear for Trout

This post is meant to be a very simple list of just the basic and [...]

Fishing in Alaska – Top 10 Best Trips

From the largest and last wild salmon runs in the world to its unparalleled fishing [...]

Alaska Steelhead Fishing Report by Darren Crosbie

Great fishing lodge! Matt and Rosie and all the staff were wonderful. Guides were good. [...]

Alaska Steelhead Fishing Lodge Report by Gregg Prossen

If it wasn't for Patrick knowing my fishing preferences, I wouldn't have found this trip [...]