Patagonia-Chile Fly Fishing Luxury Camp

Fishing Chile-Patagonia

Fly fishing Chile-Patagonia is simply amazing. A fishing trip to this angling mecca offers something special and distinct for each season. Spring, for example, offers rivers at their highest flows and fish that have not seen flies or anglers in many months.

When to go fishing Chile-Patagonia

The Patagonian summer offers the most consistent temperatures, the longest days and fantastic terrestrial insect hatches; without a doubt the finest dry fly fishing in Chile of the entire season.

Much like July in Montana, this is the most popular time to visit and fly fish Chile Patagonia. The fall season offers the beauty of brilliant colors, cooler temperatures, aggressive trout willing to chase big streamers and generally lower, clearer water conditions.

  • October through November – Early spring is prime nymphing for many rivers in Chile.
  • December through January – Trout start to rise for caddis flies.
  • February through March – This is premier dry fly fishing time. Mid summer in Chile.
  • April through May – This is time for trophy browns.
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Fly Fishing Hotspots in Chile-Patagonia

You’ll be fishing for big browns in gin-clear water.
Fishing the gin-clear water of Southern Chile is a unique experience.

The Aysén Region in Southern Chile

This is a beautiful fishing lodge in Chile-Patagonia is perfectly nestled in the mountain valleys of the Aysén region in Southern Chile.

It’s close proximity to the coastal rain forests and Eastern Patagonian Steppe provide each  angler with a multitude of opportunity to experience the region’s best fishing while enjoying some of the world’s most impressive, natural scenery.

Chile has some of the best dry fly fishing for wild trout to be had anywhere in the world.

Whether you like to wade spring creeks, float on freestone rivers, or casting large dries at cruising fish in a turquoise blue lake, this is a place you will fall in love with.

The hosts both grew up in the area and enjoys opening their home, family and passion for the good living with all their guest.

The main watersheds are the Simpson and Paloma Rivers.

Both of these rivers are famous for the finest dry fly fishing in Chile. Wild brown trout and Rainbow trout are the main species targeted in these rivers. The fishing is always great, but if you hit the Cantaria beetle hatch, you’re in for a treat.

There is a short summer salmon run as well.

In addition to the trout fishing, there’s a short, but decent run of King and Coho salmon during the summer months.

Be warned, the salmon are not easily caught on fly. However, the salmon runs are significant enough to give the occasional “shot.” You should have a chance at one or two salmon on a trip, if they’re in the river.

Beautiful Fishing Lodge

The fishing lodge has space for 12 anglers staying in double occupancy rooms, 2 big and comfortable living rooms with a spectacular view of the lakes. There’s a nice family dinner table that seats 16 people.

The food is organic, gourmet Chilean style, and almost all the ingredients come from the surrounding area. Prime fresh beef, lamb, seafood, fish and vegetables are just some of the items. Chile is famous for the fantastic red wines, and they have an incredible selection of some of the best that Chile has to offer.

Rio Blanco remote luxury camp from the air
Few anglers have had the luxury of experiencing the incredible fly fishing on the Rio Blanco. The river offers endless holding water for large trout.

The Rio Blanco River in Patagonia

This remote, luxury Patagonia fishing camp offers unspoiled wilderness and miles of untamed trout infested river all to your group of anglers! This outfitter has exclusive access to 40+ miles of the Rio Blanco River and its spring creeks.

Disconnect from the outside world on this fly fishing trip, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Patagonia.

You will enjoy the adventure this Patagonia fly fishing trip offers. Getting to the camp is an adventure all in itself! Most anglers will stay at the lodge, and then take a few days to fish the base camp on the Rio Blanco. Or, you can do it as your entire trip. It is up to you.

This section of the Rio Blanco is very under-fished.

This river is inaccessible to most anglers, due to the dangerous rapids above and below the Base Camp. Few anglers have had the luxury of experiencing the incredible fly fishing. The river offers endless holding water for large trout.

The Rio Blanco is primarily a brown trout fishery, with fish averaging 18-22 inches. However, the river also harbors some good-sized Rainbow trout.

Our outfitter has exclusive access to this fishery.

Guests stay in double occupancy elevated weather port style tents outfitted with a door and covered porch area for hanging waders and fishng gear. There is a bathhouse with flush toilets and hot running water. So you’ll be able to shower after a day on the water.

There is a generator, so each tent has a space heater should you need it. The camp has a chef on hand that prepares breakfasts, lunches, appetizers and dinners. Local wine is served with each dinner, and they send refreshments along with your lunch. You will be impressed at how well local dishes are prepared and served while in this remote setting.

Are you ready to experience fly fishing Chile-Patagonia for yourself?

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