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Fly Fishing Report for Patagonia, Chile by Gregory Schneider

Angler: Gregory Schneider
Date: March 8- March 21
Trip Taken: Fly Fishing Patagonia, Chile
Fishing Consultant: Patrick Kissel, Outdoors International

Living in Alaska I’m pretty spoiled with beautiful and diverse landscapes; however, Chile did not disappoint.

The Chilean Patagonia is a beautiful mountainous region full of micro-climates causing the landscape to constantly change while driving. The lodge is nestled in the bottom of a small valley surrounded by hills and cliffs. The fishing lodge itself is a rustic type cabin with a beautiful stone chimney and fireplace. The staff were more than friendly and catered to my needs serving us a variety of Chilean dishes, wines and beers. The fishing guides are knowledgeable and many of them have lived in the area for many years or come back every year to guide. There were many places and types of water to fish near the lodge, creeks, rivers and large lakes.

The real adventure began when we took an hour and half horse back ride through a canyon to get to the Blanco Camp.

We were not “roughing it” at the camp. We had hot showers, toilets, dry beds and a warm mess hall where we were served delicious dishes and more wine every night. The fly fishing was amazing since we were the only people on the entire section of river. I loved my first trip to Chile and I know I will be back again!

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On horseback to camp in Patagonia

  • Patrick Kissel is a very professional, courteous, and exciting consultant and I’m glad we were able to go on this trip together. His communication before, during and after the trip was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • Overall, my trip was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • My outfitter’s communication before, during and after the trip was good.
  • My guide was amazing.
  • Physically, the trip was moderate.
  • The food and accommodations were amazing.
  • Would you book another trip with us in the future? Yes
  • Can we use your stories and/or photos on our website? Yes
  • Can we use this in social media? Yes
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