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Every year we host trips with our clients. These often come with special perks, privileges, preferred dates, and we often get a group discount.

We list those upcoming opportunities here. Contact us if you’d like to go on one of these hosted trips.

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Grizzly Bear | John LaBanc

HUNTER: John LaBanc HUNT: Alaska Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt CONSULTANT/HOST: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International August [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Fly Fishing for Giant Trout on Strobel Lake

The southern end of the famous Patagonian region in Argentina is a remote but luxurious [...]

Lake Stobel Fishing Trip Report by Bob Thomas

I would highly recommend the trip. While the trip was physically challenging for me, you [...]

Parana River, Golden Dorado Fishing Report by Jay Dawson

The Argentina fishing trip was fantastic! First time fishing for Golden Dorado and I will [...]

Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing Report by Brett Callaway

This is hardcore streamer fishing. If you like throwing big flies at aggressive fish, this [...]

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Sauvageau

The experience of sight fishing the unbelievable numbers of huge rainbows is beyond compare. I’ll [...]

Patagonia Fishing Report by Ryan Ersland

This was my first trip to South America and it totally surpassed my expectations. Huge [...]

Rio Blanco Base Camp Report by Patrick Kissel

The fishery is recently discovered and this is only the third year in operation. This [...]

Patagonia, Chile Fishing Trip Report by Gregory Schneider

On arrival to Magic Waters I was astounded by the beautiful valley and the lodge [...]

Southern Patagonia Fly Fishing Report by Loyd Wilson

This is definitely a trip with many unforgettable memories, full of great people, fishing and [...]