How to Draw a Sheep Tag

How to Draw a Sheep Tag

Most of us are limited by cost and draws in our opportunities to pursue them and slake our fever induced thirst. But the fact is with some planning and diligence most of us can put ourselves in a position to complete a FNAWS or North American Sheep Slam depending on which camp you fall into. We’ll do our best to show you how to draw a sheep tag, or at the very least improve your odds.

Apply for Tags Everywhere You Can

Put in for as many of the draws as you can afford and stay with it. If you’re diligent you will pull a tag. On average it will take between 8-12 years to draw depending on the state and the trophy quality of the unit you’re trying for.

Play Raffles

In many states you actually have better odds of getting drawn in their raffle drawings than you do out of the normal draw pool. Set aside some money to put in for the different raffles as you never know when the hunting gods will smile on you. If you don’t draw, be happy knowing that you made a charitable donation to conservation.

Win the Lottery

ok just kidding, but for a sheep hunter how nice would that be?

Just skip the draws and book a sheep hunt that comes with a guaranteed tag.

There are a lot of sheep hunting opportunities out there if you’re willing to spend some money. You can even book a hunt now for a couple of years down the road. Nothing like firm commitment to force you to save money. Many of our outfitters will work with you on the deposit if you’re booking a few years out.

Sheep Hunts Offered by Outdoors International

Start a Hunt Fund!

Set up an investment account, something akin to a mutual fund to build a long term hunting budget. Then make a goal to invest at least $100 a month. For shorter term goals, you may want to just set up a savings account that is automatically transferring a certain amount each month until you reach your target amount.

Sell Old Gear

You probably have piles of old hunting gear out in the garage if you’re like most hunters. Selling it is a great way to jump start your investment program.

OI client, AJ Kissel skipped the draws and took a giant Desert ram with one of our Mexico outfitters.
OI client, AJ Kissel skipped the draws and took a giant Desert ram with one of our Mexico outfitters.

Contact us if you want help booking your dream hunt, or just need some help on developing a strategy to make sheep hunting a reality.

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