Patrick and Lacey engaged on the river bank

Lacey Savage Gets Engaged

Angler: Lacey Savage
Date: March, 2019
Trip Taken: Fly Fishing Patagonia, Chile
Fishing Consultant: Patrick Kissel | Outdoors International

I came home with so many beautiful memories from Patagonia it’s tough to pick which ones to write about.

Each day we were taken to different areas to fish. Some being little spring creeks, the gorgeous Simpson and Paloma rivers and some surrounding lakes. It’s cool getting to experience so many different areas and getting a fill of the scenery in Patagonia, Chile! Each spot looks completely different.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to say the day spent on the Magota Creek stands out the most.

Gaucho, Alfredo rode in these beautiful horses to pack us and our gear up to our fishing spots. If you are scared of horses do not be timid about these guys they are the most well behaved horses I’ve ever ridden. A few of us got dropped off half way so we could fly fish our way up to the lunch spot (follow the smoke). The color of the water is absolutely stunning and clear. To my surprise our guide handed us an empty water bottle “just dip it in the river when you’re thirsty.” They are that clean as well as zero litter whatsoever.

A few fish were caught including one chubby healthy brown trout that tried his hardest to wrap the line around some branches but without success of breaking free. Thankful for Patrick’s net skills, because that was the biggest fish of our trip so far, and I was just as excited as if it were mine!

Alfredo had packed in a lamb and had it roasting over the fire along with wine, actual wine glasses and plates. I’ve never felt so spoiled!

Ok, so this place is so special to me because after lunch I got engaged, ya I said it engaged! The day was already the best day of my life and the proposal was just an amazing topper to the day and the trip! The vibe was so magical to not make it our day.

Also, one of my other favorite memories of the trip was the 21 inch brown I caught on the Arco, which is a super cute little spring creek.

The water was so small and that fish was so huge! He came out of nowhere to eat my dry fly and was airborne five or six times trying to spit my hook. I was literally praying out loud that he would get in the net! I think I’m still sore from the happy dance I threw down when Tomas, my guide scooped him up. That adrenaline is what it’s all about!

I would absolutely recommend this fishing lodge in Chile, Patagonia to either a fishing addict or pure beginner. There’s always an experienced guide with you and the fish aren’t pressured like most places these days. Lunch is always delicious and they have a couple cold ones in the cooler as well to enjoy while telling the morning glory story’s over your meal. The dinners were my favorite of the three. For me being a food lover with every course I was excited to see what authentic plate was next. They were very cautious with my food allergies, making me a similar addition if needed so I never felt left out. Also, sending extra snacks with me at lunch for my low blood sugar. The vibe over dinner is beautiful! Next year I’m for sure taking the adventure into the camp. Doesn’t get much better than total remoteness mixed with five star care, a group of awesome outdoorsy folks and of course the monster browns!

Thank you Outdoors International for making my dreams come true!!

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