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We ask every client to submit a report after their fishing trip, telling us how it went.

Patagonia Fishing Report by Ryan Ersland

This was my first trip to South America and it totally surpassed my expectations. Huge [...]

Rio Blanco Base Camp Report by Patrick Kissel

The fishery is recently discovered and this is only the third year in operation. This [...]

Patagonia, Chile Fishing Trip Report by Gregory Schneider

On arrival to Magic Waters I was astounded by the beautiful valley and the lodge [...]

Southern Patagonia Fly Fishing Report by Loyd Wilson

This is definitely a trip with many unforgettable memories, full of great people, fishing and [...]

Central Patagonia Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Kissel

The Rio Blanco and the valley looked and felt more beautiful than I remembered. Fishing [...]

Lacey Savage Gets Engaged

I’ve never felt so spoiled! Ok, so this place is so special to me because [...]

Fly Fishing Report for Patagonia, Chile by Gregory Schneider

Fishing was amazing since we were the only people on the entire section of river. [...]

Patagonia Fishing Trip Report by Evan Barrickman

The fishing was the best I have ever seen and the camp was far more [...]

Cantaria Beetle

The star of the show when fishing in Patagonia Chile, and a favorite bug to [...]

Patagonia Fly Fishing Adventure Report [Part II]

...I fought him hard from the weeds and quickly tailed 25” of spring creek brown! [...]