If you’re looking for a fishing adventure that few others will ever experience, Golden Dorado fishing Bolivia is a jungle adventure like none other.

Fly Fishing in Bolivia

No other destination offers a more visceral immersion into the jungle than fly fishing in Bolivia for Golden dorado. We can tell you from personal experience that Bolivia is one of the most incredible, unique, one-of-a-kind places in existence. It’s jungles are still completely wild, and the wildlife probably has never been seen by a man. If you have an ounce of adventure in your fly fishing soul and are yearning to fish dorado in a super-remote location, then Bolivia is the place. We understand how fishing conditions change throughout the season and we give you advice based on peak fishing times. When it comes to fly fishing, we have high standards, and do our best to set realistic expectations.

Fly Fishing Hotspots in Bolivia

The Casare’ River, Deep in the Bolivia Jungle

This is a remote fly fishing expedition for Golden Dorado in the remote Bolivia jungle. Definitely not for the faint of heart, on this fly fishing expedition, you’ll need an adventurous spirit for this one. If you do have an adventurous spirit, you’re going to LOVE this fishing trip. Here is our advice: book this trip, and then when you get there, hand your guide your rod and say “show me”.

This river is located in an indigenous territory at the point where the Bolivian Amazon and the Eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains meet. This is one of the most isolated and remote places in the world. The structure of the river allows for it to be fished by wading or drifting, and even offer opportunities to sight cast at fish.

The most unique characteristic of this fishery is the ability to catch trophy Golden Dorado (and an array of other species) on the fly, in a small mountain-stream-type river like that of the Rocky Mountains. In addition, you are surrounded by jungle that is alive with an incredible collection of plants and wildlife. The landscape here is simply surreal in beauty, with its lush jungle covering the hills and mountains that choke the banks of this clear water river. The isolation and remoteness of this area has kept it pristine, holding healthy populations of fish in quantities seldom seen in any river these days.

  • The water levels on this river allow for it to be fished by either wading or drifting, and there are plenty of opportunities to do some sight casting.
  • There are two adventures that are offered: An 8 day with 6.5 days fishing and a 10 day with 8 days fishing.
  • Golden Dorado are the primary target species, but you will also catch muturo, pacu, sabalo, surubi, Silver Dorado, and yatorana.
  • The season for fly fishing in Bolivia runs June-October. Prime months are August- October due to water levels and clarity.

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