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Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Lodge

Experienced anglers travel from around the world to Strobel Lake to target wild chrome silver, torpedo shaped, drag smoking rainbow trout. This outfitter is the obvious choice for serious anglers looking for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

  • You’ll be sight fishing in crystal waters to cruising fish using floating lines, slow stripping small to medium size streamers and nymphs, skating big foam flies and mouse patterns, or even hanging scuds and small nymphs from big dries.
  • Land MULTIPLE rainbow trout that will tip the scales at over ten pounds…DAILY. With chances at fish in the 20’s.
  • The fishing guides and camp staff are among the best of the best in the business.
  • You can expect excellent food and comfortable accommodations!


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This Strobel Lake fly fishing lodge is one of the most remote and best fly fishing destinations in the world! Experienced anglers from all over the globe visit this lodge every season targeting the best fishing in Argentina for wild chrome silver, torpedo shaped, drag smoking rainbow trout. It is not uncommon to land multiple double digit Rainbow trout a day with some chances at fish in the 20’s!

Strategically located, this Argentina fishing lodge has exclusive access to miles of Strobel Lake fly fishing hotspots. But tha’ts not all, they control some of the best fishing on the Barrancoso River, the recently discovered Moro Creek, as well as many smaller lakes and lagoons in the area. Anglers will be sight fishing in crystal waters to cruising fish using floating lines, slow stripping small to medium size streamers and nymphs, skating big foam flies and mouse patterns, or even hanging scuds and small nymphs from big dries.

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Top Five Reasons to Visit this Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Lodge in Argentina

  1. Simply one of the best places in the world to target HUGE, wild Rainbow trout.
  2. Sight fishing for ENORMOUS trout.
  3. A wide variety of programs and the methods with top notch hardcore guides addicted to sight fishing.
  4. You can expect excellent food and comfortable accommodations!
  5. Did we mention that the Rainbow trout in Strobel Lake are big… and that there are lots of them?

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing is Absolutely Incredible

Strobel Lake looks like saltwater, but it is teaming with small scuds and massive rainbow trout below the surface… And they are caught on a regular basis by our anglers. In fact, on a recent hosted trip, our average fish weighed an astounding 12 pounds…and we caught dozens of them!

In hot spots such as Monsters Bay, Camelot Bay, Finger Bay, Tasmania Bay, Sea Bay, Puesto Bay and Dry Fly Bay fly fishers can do outstanding sight fishing even in the hardest of conditions.

The Strobel Lake fly fishing guides are great.

They will really do everything they can to make sure your week is special and you get into fish. The guiding is usually done two guests per guide.

Imagine this: You’ve had a great day, landing six or seven huge trout and it’s past the time to go back to the lodge. So you look at your guide to motion if it’s time to go and he says “nah, keep fishing I want you to catch one more.” That’s the sign of a great guide who wants to be there and truly loves his profession.

The staff at Strobel Lake works very hard for you and they have a long season. Be sure to tip them appropriately to show your appreciation.

Estancia Laguna Verde Strobel Lake Fishing Lodge in Argentina-Patagonia
The lodge is right on the water.

The lodge is strategically located only a cast away from the fishing.

It’s a typical Argentina “Estancia house” accommodating up to 10 anglers per week. It has 7 double bedrooms with comfortable “en suite” bathrooms, provided with hot water.

The spacious living room overlooking Laguna Verde is one of the favorite spots in the lodge. Anglers can sip on a cocktail while enjoying the view. There’s satellite TV, WIFI and a room with a fly tying desk and library to enjoy when not fishing.

There is also a newly built changing room / drying facility located just by the entrance door of the lodge to use before and after fishing. All of your fishing gear (such as waders, wading boots, rods, reels, vests, etc) will be ready and dried day after day.

Laundry service is provided twice a week if desired by guests, as well as any other special attention needed or wanted.

The staff at the lodge offers friendly and professional attention to create a cosy and hassle-free atmosphere to guarantee our guests have a truly unforgettable experience.

Get ready for some excellent cuisine.

This Strobel Lake fishing lodge employs some of the best chefs from the region preparing the finest meals with local flavors and excellent Argentina wines.

Shore lunch will be prepared every day at a variety of structures built by the lodge. Hot, delicious meals enjoyed with a beer are a great way to relax for an hour while fishing.

The best time to visit this Strobel Lake fly fishing lodge is in the winter.

Come sometime between November through mid-January because the big fish will be stacking up near the mouth of the Barrancoso River. The fishing this time of year can be truly astounding.

Strobel Lake is Surrounded by Great Fishing

Some of the most popular lakes are Verde, just in front of the lodge, which offers great fishing for rainbow, brown and brook trout; Texas Lake, too, gives anglers the chance of catching big rainbows and browns wading or from boats.

Others such as Horseshoe, Los Flacos, Chanchos, Ahogados, and Reja, to name a few, also provide fantastic fishing and enable guests to try varied combinations in different programs all along the season.

Fishing the Barrancoso River

Fly fishing the Barrancoso River in Argentina
The famed Barrancoso River is the one and only tributary of Strobel Lake.

When you visit this Strobel Lake fly fishing lodge, you’ll probably get to experience the fishing on the famed Barrancoso River, the one and only tributary of Strobel Lake.

This beautiful freestone river runs for more than 10 km through the Estancia. The Barrancoso River is a typical mountain freestone river, with clear water and big boulders holding gorgeous trout in its beautiful pools, pocket water, flats and runs. Its crystal clear water holds an amazing run of huge Rainbow trout.

There are three  sections of Barrancoso River: Upper; Middle; and Lower section. Each of those sections has two beats  with its own characteristic features, offering outstanding and demanding fly fishing all throughout.

The fishing is mostly done with floating lines, number 6, 7, and 8 weight rods, using streamers, nymphs, big dry flies and mouse patterns.

In addition to Rio Barrancoso, you’ll also have access to Moro Creek and 12 smaller lakes and lagoons.

The mousing on Moro Creek can be astoundingly fun!Amazingly, this great fishery was only recently discovered. Moro Creek is a spring creek-ish stream that chains each of the 12 lakes inside the Estancia.

There are four sections of Moro Creek, as well as the inlets and outlets at the chained lakes. A few of our favorites are Los Flacos, Campamento, Los Chanchos, and La Reja Lake.

This challenging creek flows mainly during spring and early summer, and it has become a favorite in the early season.

If a Strobel Lake fly fishing trip sounds great to you, use the form below to contact us for pricing and availability.

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14 reviews for Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Lodge

  1. Patrick Kissel

    The southern end of the Patagonia region close to El Calafate is one of the most unforgiving and inhospitable areas I’ve ever visited in my fishing career. Dry, windy, barren and all around tough conditions make it a much uninhabited area with the exception of sheep ranches and GIANT rainbow trout!

  2. Nile Ersland

    I have been on many trips. The lodge was one of the best ever. The guides were fun and involved. Helped in every way. Had very adequate English and enjoyed helping us with Spanish. The Food and and wait staff were very good. Better than most places. Our whole group had one of the times of our lives. Will be back!

  3. Paul Thacker

    This fishing trip in Argentina was hands down the best trip I’ve ever been on. Absolutely amazing. Great fishing and better people. I will do it again.

  4. Micah Ness

    Surrounded with great friends and extremely helpful guides, it was an excellent experience, and one I will never forget. I hope to come back, and share it with my friends and family. I have never caught such large trout in my life.

  5. John Kelley

    Great outfitter, well informed kept me in the loop the entire time, laid out great plans. Was a wonderful outfitter!

  6. Erin Ersland

    This fishing trip was absolutely incredible! I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this trip. The fishing was so good! The lodge has access to a lot of places on the lake so we got to see a bunch of different spots along the lake and river.

  7. Dennis Thacker

    This was the trip of a lifetime. My first trip to a remote lodge so I was unsure what to expect. Needless to say, I could never imagined it could be this awesome. I’ve trout fished since I was a small boy but never dreamed to have fishing like this. I could never imagine how you could bring 8 people together from different walks of life and have such a great time. The lodge, staff, food and guides were all excellent.

  8. Tom Mack

    The trip of a lifetime for me, a true “Bucket List” box to check off.
    Fishing Estancia Laguna Verde with Patrick Kissel from Outdoor adventures was amazing!

  9. Patrick Sauvageau

    I’ll remember most of the fish and all of the staff and fishermen. Our guide Ivan was fabulous, he was very patient, knowledgeable and an excellent photographer. The experience of sight fishing the unbelievable numbers of huge rainbows is beyond compare. I’ll be back!

  10. Bob Thomas

    Seven days filled with amazing scenery, incredible fishing, good food and wonderful company. Fishing on Strobel Lake is not for the faint of heart, but catching many rainbow trout between 8 and 12 pounds is the adventure of a lifetime. The largest trout I landed was 16 pounds, but the anticipation in knowing these monsters were close by just added to the experience.

  11. Zachary Kramer

    The trip was great. The lodge, the guide, the food, the staff – all wonderful.

  12. Denis Isbister

    Great fishing, great lodge, great people, although the weather could have been better. All of the guides were excellent. I hope to go back again. The outfitter has this operation dialed in and was a flawless travel and fishing.

  13. Jerry

    I fish three or four major fishing trips a year in Alaska (my son lives there), Argentina (my wife is Argentinian and we have a home there), Costa Rica, Wyoming/Montana and I fish two to three times a week in Colorado and Florida. I consider my fly-fishing ability to be intermediate. I use these big trips to try to improve my skills.

    I really believe other trip reports that say this is the best in the world. This is the best rainbow trout fishing I have ever experienced. Fifteen to twenty fish a day averaging 7 to 8 pounds. I caught 55 fish over ten pounds including two 19 pounders.

    I rate the fishing 5+ stars on a 5-point scale. That said, they are many areas for improving the experience as everything else is 1 to 3 stars on a 5-point scale.

  14. Greg Pope

    I expected big trout on this trip, based on all the stories i have read over the last several years. I was not disappointed as I broke my own personal best rainbow trout record at least SIX times on this trip, with the biggest being a 16 pound beauty. I will hopefully go again soon!.

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Mark Stasz with a great dorado.
We had an incredible time fishing in Mexico. We've already booked our next trip and can't wait to go back!
Mark Stasz
Greg Pope with a Strobel Lake rainbow trout.

I expected big trout on this trip based on all the stories I've read over the years, and I was not disappointed! I broke my own personal best rainbow trout record at least SIX times on this trip, with the biggest being a 16 pound beauty.

I will be going again soon!

Greg Pope