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  Huge Rainbows  

The rumors you’ve heard about trout fishing at Strobel lake (aka Jurassic Lake) and Barrancoso River in Argentina are true. The giant rainbow trout are the things of dreams!

Fishing Reports for this Lodge

Reviews and trip reports by our clients are taken very seriously. We ask every client who goes on a trip with one of our outfitters to submit a report after their trip, telling us how it went.

Strobel Lake Fishing Report by Greg Pope

ANGLER: Greg Pope TRIP TAKEN: Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Lodge CONSULTANT: Patrick Kissel, Outdoors International [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Fly Fishing for Giant Trout on Strobel Lake

The southern end of the famous Patagonian region in Argentina is a remote but luxurious [...]

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Report by Kirby Kramer

All in all, fishing Jurassic Lake from Estancia Laguna Verde was one of the most [...]

Lake Strobel Fishing Report by Zachary Kramer

The trip was great. The lodge, the guide, the food, the staff - all wonderful. [...]

Lake Stobel Fishing Trip Report by Bob Thomas

I would highly recommend the trip. While the trip was physically challenging for me, you [...]

Strobel Lake Fishing Report By Paul Thacker

We caught so many 10-12lbs in fact that we stopped taking pictures after a day [...]

Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Sauvageau

The experience of sight fishing the unbelievable numbers of huge rainbows is beyond compare. I’ll [...]

Preparing for Fishing Strobel Lake in Argentina

I can almost guarantee you a 15-pound rainbow with chances at 20-pounders!!!

Lago Strobel Jurassic Lake Fishing Journal

As we said our goodbyes at the airport I couldn’t help but think of the [...]

Strobel Lake, Argentina Fishing Report by John Kelley

Great outfitter, well informed kept me in the loop the entire time, laid out great [...]

Strobel Lake, Argentina Fishing Report by Dennis Thacker

Our host, Patrick Kissel is one of the nicest, hardest working, knowledgeable people I’ve been [...]

Strobel Lake, Argentina Fishing Report by Tom Mack

Fishing Estancia Laguna Verde with Patrick Kissel from Outdoor adventures was amazing!

Strobel Lake, Argentina Fishing Report by Erin Ersland

This fishing trip was absolutely incredible! I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this [...]

Argentina Fishing Trip Report by Micah Ness

I have never caught such large trout in my life. I hope to come back, [...]

Strobel Lake Fishing Report by Paul Thacker

This fishing trip in Argentina was hands down the best trip I’ve ever been on. [...]

Argentina Fishing Trip Report by Nile Ersland

Our fishing trip to Jurassic Lake was exceptional. Pat Kissel did a great job of [...]

Strobel Lake Fishing Report

The southern end of the Patagonia region close to El Calafate is one of the [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Fly Fishing for Giant Rainbow Trout in Argentina

Great fishing, great lodge, great people, although the weather could have been better. All of [...]

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There's a reason I keep booking this steelhead fishing trip!
Second time I’ve done this particular trip. The steelhead run was awesome! The food was even better than the first time, which is hard to imagine, and our guide is the best there is! If catching big fish is your thing I highly recommend booking through Outdoors International.
Ernie Sorenson
Mark Stasz with a great dorado.
We had an incredible time fishing in Mexico. We've already booked our next trip and can't wait to go back!
Mark Stasz
Greg Pope with a Strobel Lake rainbow trout.

I expected big trout on this trip based on all the stories I've read over the years, and I was not disappointed! I broke my own personal best rainbow trout record at least SIX times on this trip, with the biggest being a 16 pound beauty.

I will be going again soon!

Greg Pope