Argentina Fishing Trip Report by Nile Ersland

Our fishing trip to Jurassic Lake was exceptional. Pat Kissel did a great job of putting it together.

Angler: Nile Ersland
Date: Dec 6-Dec 18, 2018
Trip Taken: Strobel Lake Fly Fishing Lodge
Fishing Consultant: Patrick Kissel | Outdoors International

Our fishing trip to Strobel Lake was exceptional.

Pat Kissel with Outdoors International put together our trip. We had a great group of people and most of us are from Alaska. Pat had very good planning and always followed thru. Very enjoyable.

I have been on many trips. This fishing lodge was one of the best ever.

The guides were fun and involved. Helped in every way. Had very adequate English and enjoyed helping us with Spanish. The food and wait staff were very good. Better than most places. Our whole group had one of the times of our lives. Will be back!

  • My consultant’s communication before, during and after the trip was good. I will use Pat and Outdoors International again.
  • My consultant was very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to talk to.
  • Overall, my trip was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • My outfitter’s communication before, during and after the trip was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • My guide was amazing.
  • Physically, the trip was difficult.
  • The food and accommodations were amazing.
  • Would you book another trip with us in the future? Yes
  • Can we use your stories and/or photos on our website? Yes
  • Can we use this in social media? Yes

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