If you want an adventure of a lifetime and the biggest rainbow trout of your life….go to Strobel Lake!

Outdoors International Podcast: Fly Fishing for Giant Rainbow Trout in Argentina

Strobel Lake in Argentina is a place known for its giant rainbow trout. These trout can weigh up to 30 pounds and measure up to three feet in length. The lake is located in the Andes Mountains and is a popular destination for trout fishermen. If you’ve always dreamed of giant Rainbows in Argentina, this Strobel Lake fly fishing lodge is the place for you.

Giant Rainbows in Argentina

If you want an adventure of a lifetime and the biggest rainbow trout of your life….go to Strobel Lake!

We landed many rainbows around 12 pounds with two 18 pounders and one 20 pounder being the biggest.
Denis Isbister with one of the giant Argentina Rainbow trout he caught on Strobel Lake.

Strobel Lake was a little bit of a drive, but the fly fishing was amazing! When you arrive at the lodge, you’ll probably start on the “Home Lagoon” to get the dust knocked off of our fishing gear and casting arms.

Very quickly you’ll learn that the fly fishing on Strobel Lake (AKA Jurassic Lake) is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. On our first afternoon, we landed 45 fish between the three of us! All the rainbows, browns and brook trout were between the five and six pound range, with my buddy landing a nine pounder! What a way to warm up.

On our trip to Strobel Lake, we landed MANY giant Rainbows.

We landed lots of fish that weighed around 12 pounds. In a week, our group caught two 18 pounders, and a 20 pounder was the biggest! We fished a spot one day where we landed over 100 fish between the two of us. All of them were between 22 and 25 inches, fat and so full of fire they ripped line and jumped like crazy.

It was possibly the best week of fly fishing I’ve ever experienced, and the lodging and food were 10 out of 10. The chef absolutely KILLED it!

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