Kent Goodman with a giant permit on the fly

Outdoors International Podcast: Permit Fishing Ascension Bay with Kent Goodman

Angler: Kent Goodman
Yearly from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and counting…
Trip Taken:
  Permit Fishing in Mexico at Ascension Bay

Over the years, I have seen many changes to the fishery at Ascension Bay. One thing that has stayed consistent is the proficiency of the guides and the quality of the fishing. Weather dependent, this is the best location to see all four species of the super grand slam in one day and to land it. I have accomplished many grand and super slams with Jose as my guide and absolutely love fishing with he and his guides.

The entire group always has a great time when we go down there.

The stories at dinner are one of the best things as we hear of the success and some failures of the day, always at each others expense. Like the time I hooked and brought into the boat a moderate sized stingray — Jose was not pleased with me, but he took care of it as we watched from a distance. He said the ray is not part of the SLAM! The guides speak very good English and mix it with Spanish when they see a big fish or get excited as a school of permit work their way towards the boat.

The atmosphere is laid back, the service is first rate and the new lodge is absolutely stunning as it sits just a few meters from the Caribbean.

I love waking up before sunrise and watching this place come alive with the song birds and seeing the sun burst over the turquoise colored bay. Ascension bay “birthplace of the sky” is a fitting name for this wonderful area with its many creeks, lagoons, endless flats teaming sea life. I loved the snorkeling on the reef, seeing the manatee and playful porpoise or the endless bird life.

The fishing is what keeps me returning to Ascension Bay.

This is the best place to see and catch a permit on the fly, period! Best of luck on your trip! Be sure to listen to our permit fishing podcast above if you’re interested in fishing Ascension Bay in Mexico.

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