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Fishing in the Caribbean

Picture yourself fishing in the caribbean, poling across gin-clear flats just one cast away from [...]

Inshore Grand Slam – The Crown Jewel of the Saltwater Flats

Of all the the Caribbean fly fishing opportunities, the inshore grand slam is one of [...]

Fishing in the Bahamas is a Flats Fishing Dream

BIG bonefish live in the Bahamas. Lots of big bonefish. Bahamas fishing is a flats [...]

Belize Flats Fishing Report by Ben Stevens

It was a great week, and I plan on turning it into a yearly trip. [...]

DIY Belize Fly Fishing Report by Patrick Kissel

Belize is a really cool destination that I will surely be back to visit again [...]

Fishing Belize – A flats fishing dream, and more…

Fishing Belize is a flats fishing dream – a Grand Slam of bonefish, tarpon and [...]

Christmas Island Fly Fishing

Christmas Island is one of the most unique angling destinations on Earth. The fly fishing [...]

Belize Fly Fishing Report by Kevin Cummings

Great trip! Have always wanted a shot at a saltwater grand slam. While I did [...]

Belize Fishing Report by Nathan Hadfield

I am going back again this year with my wife and hoping to get into [...]

Tips for Saltwater Fishing from a Guide

As a saltwater fly fisher and when helping others reach magical fishing destinations on the [...]