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Patagonia is a semiarid scrub plateau that covers nearly all of the southern portion of mainland Argentina. With an area of about 260,000 square miles, it constitutes a vast area of steppe and desert land. It is bounded, approximately, by the Patagonian Andes to the west, the Colorado River to the north (except where the region extends north of the river into the Andean borderlands), the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Strait of Magellan to the south; the region south of the strait—Tierra del Fuego, which is divided between Argentina and Chile—also is often included in Patagonia.

The name Patagonia is said to be derived from Patagones, as the Tehuelche Indians, the region’s original inhabitants, were called by 16th-century Spanish explorers. According to one account, Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese navigator who led the first European expedition into the area, coined that name because the appearance of the Tehuelche reminded him of Patagon, a dog-headed monster in the 16th-century Spanish romance Amadís of Gaul.

Why You Should Visit Patagonia

The Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile is an ideal setting to experience fly fishing, hunting, skiing, horseback riding and mountain biking. The refined gourmet cuisine and wines ensure that hunters and fly fishers alike return time and time again to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Patagonia.

Fishing in Patagonia

It’s often been said that Patagonia resembles what the wild spaces of North America, Europe and Australia would have looked like hundreds of years ago, before man made them his own. The backdrop to the fishing here is absolutely unbeatable, and through it all wind countless freshwater rivers fed by the glaciers and snowfall high up in the mountains, and are absolutely teeming with fish.

There are any number of places to go fly fishing in Patagonia. The province of Chubut in Argentine Patagonia is said to contain one of the highest critically acclaimed groups of rivers in the world for fly fishing, attracting thousands of visitors - both national and international - each year. In Chilean Patagonia, the region of Coyhaique is also especially renowned for its fabulous fishing locations, but there is great fishing to be had throughout the whole region, including the area around the stunning Torres del Paine National Park. In addition, the main island of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is home to the Rio Grande River, which flows from the Chilean side of the island to the Argentinean side, and is famous for its monster fish.

Depending on exactly where you choose to go and when you choose to go there, you’ll find Brown Trout, Sea Run Browns, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Steelhead, Coho Salmon, King Salmon and Chinook Salmon.

Resident Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout in Patagonia can reach up to 15 pounds, although 4-8 pound trout are more common. The average Sea Run Trout, on the other hand, is around 12 pounds, but there are some monsters that weigh in at up to 30 pounds! Salmon is the largest fish of all in Patagonia's rivers and can reach upwards of 40 pounds.

Hunting in Patagonia

Red Stag hunting in Patagonia Argentina attracts hunters from all over the world every year. The majestic Red Stag hunts take place during their rut, the roaring season, is a thrill that every hunter should experience at least once in their lifetime. An absolutely exhilarating hunt in the midst of one of the most spectacular events nature can offer.

Other big game species also provide for exceptional hunting opportunities. Water Buffalo hunts for the dangerous game lovers, Boar hunting under the moonlight or Blackbuck hunts for the long range shooters are just some of the multiple big game hunts in Argentina that we can offer.

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