Deschutes River Steelhead

For generations of anglers, the Lower Deschutes River in Central Oregon has been a must-fish fly-fishing destination. It is known as one of very few Blue Ribbon fisheries for both native trout and wild steelhead. From early August through the middle of October, we offer fly fishing for Deschutes River steelhead. These summer steelhead fight great, and provide an experience that should be on every steelhead angler’s list. A day trip is a great way to fish the Deschutes if your time is limited, but the ultimate steelhead adventure is a multiple day camp.

  • Day trips, or multi-day “camping” trips are available.
  • Use jetboats to maximize your time.
  • The steelhead are wild, fresh from the ocean, and hard fighting.
  • Swing flies with the Spey rods, or use a single-hand rod with an indicator.
  • No experience necessary for fly fishing on the Deschutes River. With a few lessons, you’ll be casting for fish.
  • Bring your own gear, or the outfitter can provide it.
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The Deschutes River steelhead run in late July.

Hot summer afternoons and late nights are perfect times to enjoy steelhead fishing, and the beauty of the Deschutes River canyon. The rest of the time we’ll be on the water, covering miles of river, on the searching for summer steelhead. Two handed spey rods cover great steelhead water well, and beginners will easily get started with the spey rod after a casting lesson.

We fish and camp on the lower 23 miles of the Deschutes River, and we travel this remote section of the river in a jet boat.

The jet boat provides access to premium water at dawn and last light. The jet boat means more time spent fishing great runs, and less time spent traveling between pieces of perfect fly water.

We can provide you the right fly rods for the conditions, and everyone is welcome on the Deschutes. Every year, we help people catch their first steelhead on a fly rod. Experienced spey anglers with enjoy the access the jet boat and camp provide.






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  1. Brian Portwood

    Anyone can catch fish, but our guide made it an experience, and we still caught fish!

  2. Dave Grigsby

    We caught several nice steelhead and had a glorious day on the river. This is a bucket list trip for sure. The lower Deschutes canyon is a magical place.

  3. Michael Salas

    Had a great steelhead fishing experience on the Lower Deschutes River in Oregon with fishing guide Pete.

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