British Columbia Moose Hunting

The key to moose hunting in British Columbia is getting remote by horse, or float plane. The further back you go the better the bulls will be. Bulls in BC, especially northern BC can push over that magical 50 inch mark. A 50 inch bull in the Prince George are is definitely a shooter and north of Smithers a guy can get into 60 inch bulls.

Subspecies of Moose in British Columbia

Canada Moose in British Columbia are considered the Western Canada variation. They are slightly larger than the Eastern variety, which occur easo of an imaginary line drawn across Ontario. Shiras moose range begins in Southern BC and extends through the Rocky Mountains south to Colorado and Utah; it has the smallest antlers of the North American moose.

Where is the Best Moose Hunting in BC?

In general, Canada moose get bigger the further north you go.

Moose are found throughout B.C. east of the Coast Mountains. Historically, the center of the province (the Omineca and Cariboo Regions) offer some of the highest densities and best moose hunting in North America.

After you cross the Yukon border, they are considered Alaska Yukon Moose. Couple that with the fact that your hunt will be considerably less than an Alaska moose hunt. This is something to keep in mind when you book your British Columbia moose hunt.

Why you should consider moose hunting in British Columbia

  • British Columbia offers OTC moose tags
  • BC has extremely healthy moose populations.
  • BIG bulls! Generally speaking, the further north you go, the bigger the bulls get.
  • A British Columbia moose hunt is almost always a combo with bears, caribou, or even mountain goat.

Are you interested in booking a moose hunt?

A British Columbia moose hunt, in our option, stands alone in the moose world for producing large bulls with a good bang for the buck.

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