Alaska Caribou/Grizzly Hunt Report by Larry McGlumphy

Flying into caribou camp


Hunter: Larry McGlumphy
Date: October 8 through September 7, 2022
Trip Taken: 10-day, Combo Grizzly and Caribou
Consultant: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International


  1. Equipment (i.e. tents, cooking stove, etc.) was very good.
  2. The customer service contact provided timely and excellent service; Meeting all needs.
  3. Food supplies was good.
  4. Guide was attentive and maintained his part of the camp.
  5. Game area good.
  6. Game bags were supplied.
  7. First-aid kit available.


  1. Guide recommended shooting an immature caribou bull on the 2nd day of the hunt. 3rd, 4th and 5th day, we saw five trophy bulls that was in shooting range.
  2. Due to warm temperatures the meat needed to be flown out. Weather was good, meat remained in camp for nine days. The meat began to smell.
  3. The outfitter relies on a charter plane service and does not have his own plane.
  4. The guide gets in too big of a hurry. He feels he must also shoot at bear even when the ‘experienced’ hunter told him that he like to shoot the animal and does not need any help.
  5. The guide did not watch his positioning of the muzzle. He shot adjacent to the hunter’s right ear and the muzzle blast was deafening. The hunter’s hearing was definitely affected.
  6. The guide waited too long to flesh the hides. The meat began to dry and making it too hard to remove. The lips was not fully turned. A toe bone was left in. The hunter alerted the expeditor at Fairbanks to complete the necessary fleshing at a cost of $150 dollars.


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