Scottish Stag Hunt Report by Robert Dura

Hunters: Robert Dura
Date: September, 2017
Trip Taken: Scotland Red Stag Hunt
Consultant: Mat Cervantes | OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL

Scottish Red Stag Hunt

My stalker (guide) picked me up promptly at 9 each morning. Shot the rental rifle first with each stalker. Good equipment. began each day glassing for animals and formulating a general plan for our day. Always left the vehicle and spent the entire time on foot.

Saw a fair number of deer before an opportunity arose for a stalk. Unsuccessful on day one as conditions were difficult and the deer are smart. Day two began in same fashion. Animals including red stags were spotted by glassing and a plan was formulated for approach. After a lengthy uphill hike a pair of stags was spotted bedded down.

The stalker and I then proceeded with the final stalk which largely involved slowly crawling so as not to be detected. We eventually gained a position slightly above them at a distance of about 80 m. The stalker deployed the rifle and I positioned to be able to take the shot. The animals were bedded and it was determined that a neck shot was most viable. The red stag needed to stand to present that shot. after maintaining position for approx. 45 m the second stag arose and began moving about. Stalker whispered that if he got close enough to the target stag that animal would get up. That happened and he did. Stalker whispered “neck”, I fired and the stag immediately dropped. Successful stalk.

  • How likely will you be to refer friends to Outdoors International about this hunt? Very likely
  • How was the outfitters pre-hunt communication? Fair
  • How would you rate the overall trophy quality? Excellent
  • How would you rate the lodging? Good
  • How would you rate the food? Excellent
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your guide? Excellent
  • How was the Field Dressing and Trophy Preparation? Excellent
  • Were you successful or unsuccessful? Successful
  • Were you happy with the overall experience? Yes, very happy
  • How physically difficult was the hunt? Moderate
  • Is there anything that the outfitter should do differently in your opinion? Outfitter has it pretty well down.
  • Who was your Agent? Mat Cervantes
  • How were your conversations with your agent? Excellent
  • How was your agent’s pre-hunt correspondence? Excellent
  • How was your agent’s post-hunt follow up? Excellent
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your agent? Excellent
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