Kyrgyzstan Hunt Report by Kyle Hawkins

Hunter: Kyle Hawkins
Date: November, 2014
Trip Taken: Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo Combo Hunt
Outfitter: AMO2/5
Hunting Consultant: Russ Meyer | Outdoors International

Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo Combo Hunt

People don’t know what they are missing out on!

Just because Kyrgyzstan end in “stan” doesn’t mean you wont make it back alive. Ibex hunting is incredible! This was an unbelievable Mid-Asian ibex and Marco Polo hunting experience of a lifetime!

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2 thoughts on “Kyrgyzstan Hunt Report by Kyle Hawkins

  1. Gordon Melville says:

    I’m looking for a hunt for 2017. Marco Polo and Ibex.

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