Idaho Bear Hunt Report

Date: Spring, 2011
Trip Taken: Idaho Black Bear Hunt

I got back today from my 5-day black bear hunt in Idaho. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions! Out of all 5-hunters that were with me, I actually had the best opportunities. The first day Matt was with me, and we only saw one bear, and it never gave us an opportunity to shoot.

The second day of my Idaho black bear hunt, I hunted in the morning by myself and saw six bears, and one of them was pretty big.

I actually ranged one and put my crosshairs on it, but I didn’t feel good about the shot. That same evening Matt wanted to sit with me in the same area and a nice cinnamon colored bear gave me a pretty good shot. I ranged the bear about 245 yard and Matt was able to stop it broadside. I was shaking like a leave and pulled the trigger so hard that I shot behind it. Matt thought maybe I hit it, so he went looking for blood, but without any luck. I thought for sure I just screwed my only opportunity to harvest a black bear. The third day was a bummer and I was feeling sorry for myself.

The fourth day we all went out again and I actually saw two more bears, but just didn’t have a shot. That evening Matt and I went back to the same spot and about 30 minutes before dark Matt just barely caught a chocolate boar going into some trees. We both ranged it and it was going to be about a 450 yard shot. We both knew I wouldn’t be able to take that type of shot, so Matt acted quickly and said “let’s get down there closer” so I packed up and started hiking behind him.

We got within 300 yards from where we thought the bear was going to come out at. I set up and got ready. Just a few moments later it presented itself in a small clearing. I put my cross hairs right on it and it moved again. At this point we were short on light and it wasn’t looking very promising.

Just then, it moved out in a small clearing again, Matt predator called, and it stopped just long enough for Matt to say “what do you think, take the shot if you can” and just like that I squeezed the trigger. It went down immediately! We sat there for a few minutes to confirm the kill and with no movement from where it rolled to, we started to climb down to it.

By the time we got to where we could see blood it was completely dark. Even with both of us with flashlights it was hard to see in all the trees and brush. We looked everywhere and could never locate the bear. We decided to leave and come back in the morning with more help.

We went there the following morning with 7-people and looked all over where I shot the bear and couldn’t find it anywhere! Right when all hope was lost one of the guides noticed a little blood down lower on a ATV trail. We followed the blood trail about 200 yards and notice it started to go back up hill. The guides looked at me and said this is not good.

Apparently if a wounded animal starts to go up hill that means its not hurt that bad. Matt decided to follow it anyways and about 50 yards up the hill under a tree, there she was! it was a great filling to see her there.

Anyway, that’s my bear story. Hope all is well and I told Matt I would be talking to him soon to schedule the cougar hunt he still owes me.

“Black Bear Hunter”

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