HUNT REPORT: Unguided Alaska Caribou | Chris Adams


HUNTER: Chris Adams
TRIP TAKEN: Unguided Alaska Caribou Hunt

August 3, 2023

If adventure is what you are after, then this is the hunt of your dreams. With some luck weather was good and our group was able to be flown out to the field the day after arriving in Kotzebue. The crew was a great help weighing gear and making sure that everything was in order before heading out. As far as the hunt goes this was exactly what we had all expected. We were able to find a nice place to set up camp allowing for easy access to water and the ability to glass as much of the country as possible. Glassing caribou on the high ridges and seeing just a few loaners in the low country it was clear that this hunt would be a grind and that the weather was going to keep the animals high.

Our group was fortunate enough to get into a very large herd the first day of hunting and tag out on 4 very nice bulls, 3 up in the more mountainous country and 1 very nice bull moving through the river bottom. This hunt is what dreams are made of, but not to be taken lightly. The caribou aren’t always going to walk right into your lap and hiking in the tundra takes a certain amount of grit that not every hunter possesses. Overall, this hunt is a 10 out of 10 in our groups book and we will be going again looking for even bigger bulls in the Alaskan Arctic.

I would like to thank the entire group of professionals from both Outdoors International and the Transporter for making this hunt possible. Gary Colbath, Cory Glauner, Russ Meyer, Kyle Hanson and the rest of the team went to great lengths to finally put these trips together and it will be our pleasure to continue working with them in the near future.

Outfitter Evaluation

How would you rate your trip overall?

It was great. The Transporter is under new ownership and thing will only improve from lessons learned through the first season. We did the camp rental on our trip and they will supply you with more than what is needed for the trip. The food supplied is exactly how it was expected to be, you probably won’t even need it all if there is an opportunity to do a little fishing. Gary is a very savvy hunter and will do whatever it takes to help his clients out with their trip.

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Consultant Evaluation

How would you rate your Consultant?

Kyle and I have worked together in the past few years, and he is a super knowledgeable hunter. He won’t lead you wrong when planning a trip of any kind because chances he has already been there before.

Would you use Outdoors International again?


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