Jared with his nice Idaho wilderness buck

Jared Eyler: Idaho Wilderness Mule Deer

HUNT: Idaho Frank Church Wilderness Mule Deer Hunt

November, 2023

I knew it was going to be a great mule deer hunt as soon as we arrived into Challis, Idaho. Ironically enough The first people we ran into in town while getting breakfast was the very one whose YouTube video lead me to begin looking into this hunt. Once we landed at our airstrip the adventure only continued to excel day by day. Max, Ace, Matt, Zayden and Mike all made it number one priority to see that we were well taken care of at all times. Their work ethic never ceased to amaze me throughout the trip.

“Every Hunt Has A Tale”

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The outfitter and his crew were all very helpful and I will definitely be keeping in contact for future plans.

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Great. Kyle’s help definitely made booking this trip a breeze and gave us peace of mind we made the right decision.

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