Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by George Cherry

Greenland Muskox Hunt Report by George Cherry

Hunter: George Cherry
Date: 3/8/2022 – 3/13/2022
Trip Taken: Muskox Hunt
Consultant: Outdoors International

Camp was comfortable. Our guide was exceptional. Food was good, plenty of game, unique experience.

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  • How would you rate your trip overall? Great I enjoyed the company of the outfitter and staff, and our guide was exceptional. I think it would help future groups to get a packing list beforehand and maybe a list of FAQ’s because we were kind of flying blind. It all worked out very well, and I was very happy, but I was a little unsure leading up to the trip just because there had not been much communication with the outfitter.
  • How were your guide(s)? Great.
  • How was your lodging? Good.
  • How was the food? Good.
  • How was your outfitters communication? Fair.
  • How physically demanding was your trip? Moderate
  • How would you rate your consultant? Fair.
  • Would you book another trip with OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL in the future? Yes.
  • Can we use your stories and/or photos on our website? Yes.
  • Can we use this in social media? Yes. My Instagram handle is: @georgercherry

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