Field Judging Muskox


When field judging muskox, the first step is to determine bulls from cows. Look at the biggest bodied animals first, then look at the base of the horns. If the bases (boss) have almost grown together, it’s a bull. Now that you’ve determined the sex, let’s take a closer look.

Field Judging Muskox

  1. Mass is the first thing to check. Like we said before, when viewing from the front, the boss shouldn’t be very much space at all.
  2. Make sure that the mass continues along the length of the entire horn. The tips should be thick and blunt, or “broomed” like a bighorn sheep.
  3. Look at length next. The horns should drop down along the side of the heads and the tips of the horns need to come up above the eyes. *how the animal is holding its head can create an illusion, so be careful with this method. *Remember, lots of mass will make the horns look short.
  4. The most important part….LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE! They’ve seen hundreds of bulls, and know better than you.

How to Score a Muskox

How to score a muskoxA muskox is super simple to score. Add up the length of each horn, two width measurements, and two circumferences and you’ve got the total score.

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