How to Hunt Black Bears by Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer on How to Hunt Black Bears

Do you want to get better at bear hunting? Listen to this black bear hunting podcast to hear Russ Meyer shared some of his black bear hunting secrets that he’s learned from a lifetime of hunting bears in Idaho. Russ’s bear hunting credentials speak for themselves. Check out his photo gallery.

Learn How to Hunt Black Bears from Russ Meyer

Baiting for bears is really pretty easy if you just want to have a few bears come into your bait. However, targeting mature boars, knowing what a trophy bear looks like, and having them come to the bait during the day is a totally different thing. Then there’s the matter of getting an arrow into one. Hunting big black bear boars over bait is NOT an easy undertaking.

Black Bear Hunting Tips

  1. Get off the beaten path, away from the crowds.
  2. Locate your bait in the bottoms, where the wind is more reliable. Fill the canyon with the smell of your bait.
  3. Bears have similar taste in food to us. They don’t like stinky rotten food, although that will attract them. Bait with something yummy and sweeten it up.
  4. Put out enough bait to last for 2 to 3 weeks.
  5. Don’t visit your bait to check it or refill it until you are ready to hunt.
  6. Pour grease on the ground so they walk in it and leave trails back to the food.
  7. Be VERY careful when you decide to hunt it. Get the wind right, and sneak in. Try to hunt all day as long as the wind allows for it.
  8. Know what a big bear looks like. Bears are difficult to judge.

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