Saskatchewan Bear Hunt Report by Allen Sherwood

Saskatchewan Bear Hunt Report by Allen Sherwood

Hunter: Allen Sherwood
Date: 30 April to 8 May 2022
Trip Taken: Black Bear Hunt – Saskatchewan, Canada
Consultant: Julian Salutregui | Outdoors International

We arrived at the outfitter’s lodge on May 1 and recovered from our trip the day before. The bear hunt began on Monday. After a wonderful brunch, we headed to the hunt site. Chad, our guide got us to the site and we climbed into the tree stand. Chad then rebated the site and left us to hunt. The weather was perfect with intermittent clouds and occasional light breeze.

After about two and a half hours, I saw movement to my right.

When I looked, I saw a large black bear cautiously moving toward the bait site. I had told myself not to shoot the first bear that I saw, so we continued to watch. The bear turned around like he was going to walk away in the direction he had come; however, he stopped and then made a slow arc toward the bait site walking directly in front of us. The bait barrel was about 45 yards from us and when the bear arrived at the barrel, I saw that he was as large as the barrel on all fours. This told me that it was a male and a good size.

The bait barrel was about 45 yards from us and when the bear arrived at the barrel, I saw that he was as large as the barrel on all fours.

We continued to watch the big boar for about 25 minutes.

During this time, I looked at him thru binoculars and noticed that his fur was in excellent shape and that he was a good sized, mature bear. I decided that he was the one remembering “not to pass up on the first day what you would not pass up on the last day”! He was laying by the barrel angled away from me. I lifted my German K98k Mauser and sighted in the middle of his body behind his forearm and gently squeezed the trigger. He jumped up and ran about 45 – 50 yards in an arc to our left. We could hear him blowing, so we knew that a lung shot had been achieved. He came into vision again and dropped within 6 feet of the trail into the hunt site.

We waited for a few minutes and verified no further movement.

We then climbed down to see my trophy. After Kim and Chad  arrived, they said that he was about 8 years old and weighed 350 – 375 pounds. I think they were most happy that he was close to the trail! The bear just fit into the 6 foot trailer and we traveled back for skinning, meat and fat harvesting.

The remainder of our time was extremely restful and relaxing.

We were treated like family, fed wonderful meals with enough food for an army! We visited their elk ranch and spent a day going to several bear bait sites with Kim, Chad and Dillon. Black bear hunting in Saskatchewan is highly recommended!

It was an experience and a trip that will not be forgotten!

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  • How would you rate your trip overall? One word: wonderful! I would absolutely go hunting in Saskatchewan with this outfitter again.
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