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Caribou Hunting Guides and Outfitters

If you’ve ever dreamed of caribou hunting, you’re not alone. Witnessing and taking part in [...]

Moose Hunting Guides and Outfitters

As Hunting Consultants, we’re often in conversation with hunters looking to go moose hunting for [...]

Firearms Restrictions in Saskatchewan

Firearms Restrictions in Saskatchewan, like the rest of Canada is very strict. Under Canadian law, [...]

Best Places to Hunt Whitetail Deer

When it comes to serious hunters targeting the best places to hunt whitetail deer, it [...]

Top 5 Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Destinations

Thousands of “honkers” fill the sky with long V-formations; snow geese cover fields like freshly [...]

Subspecies of Elk

Of the six subspecies of elk in North America, the three with hunt-able populations classified [...]

Black Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters

American black bears (Ursus americanus) evolved from bears that traveled from Asia to North America [...]

Saskatchewan Fishing Trips

Saskatchewan fishing is renowned as a top lake trout destinations. In fact, the largest Lake [...]

HUNT REPORT: Saskatchewan Black Bear | Allen Sherwood

HUNTER: Allen Sherwood HUNT: Black Bear Hunt – Saskatchewan, Canada CONSULTANT: Julian Salutregui | Outdoors [...]

Saskatchewan Deer Hunting

Saskatchewan deer hunting is known as a top destination. Several Pope and Young and Boone [...]