Alaska Black Bear Hunt Report by Richard Seago

I have to say up front that this Vessel-Based Alaska black bear hunt was one of the most awesome hunting trips I have ever been on.

Hunter: Richard Seago
Trip taken: Alaska, Vessel-based, Coastal Black Bear Hunt
Date: 2012

My Alaska outfitter did a great job of making the most of our entire trip. The number of bears that we saw was very comforting in that there was never any worry about our possibilities of success. The amount of other wildlife that we observed also satisfied my hopes and expectations I had prior to going. Hunting black bears on the coast in Alaska on a vessel based hunt is a hunt I would recommend to anyone. It makes me want to save up for a brown bear hunt.

Thanks again to Outdoors International for booking me on a bear hunt with this outfitter!
Richard Seago

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  1. Outdoors International says:

    ANOTHER article from one of our clients who was succesful on his Alaska black bear hunt. Our clients went 100% again this spring.

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