Norway Reindeer Hunt Report

Hunter: Anonymous
Date: August, 2017
Consultant: Mat Cervantes | OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL

Reindeer Hunt in Norway

Our reindeer hunt was scheduled to begin 4 days after our arrival into Norway, but the weather did not look good so the guide thought it was best to start immediately upon our arrival.

I was actually happy to hear this, since it shows that their top priority is a successful and enjoyable hunt for us. I’m used to fishing guides that would say ‘tough luck’ and collect their money. So we arrived in Norway and drove a rental car up to the address provided. This address turned out to be the 2nd guides house and we were lucky enough to catch him before he headed to the primary guides’ house. We followed him through the mountain pass, with him stopping to show us the major overlooks. The entire country has beautiful views in every direction! We arrived at Knut’s house at dusk, and spent the night there. His house and hospitality were above and beyond.

After a good breakfast, we drove out to the hunt area with the guides.

My father and I split up, with myself and Kolbjorn hiking up to the highest peak. After a few hours of climbing and spotting, we made it to the top and were able to look over a few km to where my father and Knut were hunting. We stayed at the peak and enjoyed lunch and watching some reindeer in the distance.

Knut had spotted some reindeer between us and we started to slowly hike down to get a better look.

We finally pinpointed where they were and set up for a nice shot. Kolbjorn pointed out the first reindeer visible from the group. He did not pressure me to shoot, but said it’s an average bull. He left it up to me if I wanted to take it, wait for the others, or pass and follow the group we had been watching earlier. I opted to wait. Within a few minutes, a very large bull came out from behind the rocks. I took the shot. I was very lucky to find such a nice one and so early on.


After the photos and taking care of the animal, we set up to spot towards my father and the reindeer they were after.

We watched until well into the afternoon and then headed back towards the base camp. Kolbjorn opted to drive me to the nearby lodge where I spent the night enjoying beer, a hot shower and meal. My father meanwhile had chose to stay out in the field and continue to follow the reindeer. He took his bull towards evening and they spent the night sleeping on the ground. He said he was happy to do this rather than hike back out, given how difficult the hike had been. We both realize we were not in nearly good enough shape for this hunt, but the guides were nice about it and accommodated us.

Norway Reindeer Hunt

The next morning, my father and Knut hiked out and caught some sleep at base camp.

Around midday, the guides drove us out and back to Knut’s house. Again, we enjoyed great hospitality from Knut and his family!

After spending the night, we received great advice on other sights to see within Norway and headed out to tour the country for a few days before heading home. In terms of hunting, rooms, food, etc., I have no doubt that Knut would have accommodated us in any way we wanted.

Mat Cervantes with Outdoors International is my Hunting Consultant.

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