Idaho Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Report by Gary Ball

What a great hunt!

Hunter: Gary Ball
November, 2015
Trip Taken:
Frank Church Wilderness Mule Deer Hunting
Consultant: Outdoors International

The outfitter and all the guide’s – personnel were 110% courteous, appreciative and well mannered. He runs a tight ship and you set us up with a guy and place that showed us lots of bucks.

It was perfect for my brother who took his first big game animal and got to get away from his business and recent divorce issues. We had two other hunters in camp. No issues. There were two sheep hunters in camp also. No issues. Andrew came from another camp after filling his hunters tags and helped me on the last two days. Good crew.

Thank you OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL – I will highly recommend you’re services, and this outfitter for this type of 120-140 class mule deer hunt.

PS – Dam nice advertising you’re doing 🙂 If I have some spare cash after next year’s mule deer hunt in Colorado I’ll be your man on one of your hunts.

My little brother Steve had a BLAST!

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