Idaho Elk Hunt Report by Jonathan Crabtree

Ryan put us on good animals almost everyday but the star was Lavoy. He is the best hunting guide ever. Good to talk to and experienced. I would suggest any Idaho hunt with Lavoy. In the end both my father and I kill very nice elk and I got a bonus mule deer in the process. We were very pleased.

Hunt Report

Rifle Elk Hunt in Idaho

Hunter: Jonathan Crabtree
Outfitter: HCO1
Date: October 15-20, 2015

  • How would your rate this hunt? FOUR STARS – It was a great hunt.
  • How likely will you be to refer friends to OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL about this hunt? Very likely
  • How was the outfitters pre-hunt communication? Excellent
  • How would you rate the overall trophy quality? Excellent
  • How would you rate the lodging? Excellent
  • How would you rate the food? Fair
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your guide? Excellent
  • How was the Field Dressing and Trophy Preparation? Fair
  • Were you successful or unsuccessful? Successful
  • Were you happy with the overall experience? Very Happy
  • How physically difficult was the hunt? Moderate
  • Is there anything that the outfitter should do differently in your opinion? End of trip could have been smoother. Once we killed out they were rushing for next group.
  • How likely would you be to refer OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL’s booking services to your friends and family? Very Likely
  • How were your conversations with your agent? Excellent
  • How was your agent’s pre-hunt correspondence? Excellent
  • How was your agent’s post-hunt follow up? Good
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your agent? Excellent
  • How would you rate your agent? FIVE STARS – My Hunting Consultant was amazing!
  • Will you book another trip with us in the future? Yes. Let’s go sturgeon fishing!