Unguided Moose Hunt Report by Michael Harvey

Hunters: Michael Harvey
Date: Late September, 2015
Trip Taken: Unguided Moose Hunt in Alaska

Michael Harvey moose

In Alaska things can change quickly, be prepared for the unexpected… in reference to weather and the hunting conditions. Moose are very large, and this hunt is very physically demanding, so prepare in the offseason to prepare yourself.

I shot my bull at 20 yds with a bow, we stared at each other for 25 mins before I got him to offer me a shot, just be patient and let things unfold. The brush was thick and close encounters with moose were the norm, not the exception.

Our Alaska moose hunting outfitter is a professional, he does what it takes to get the job done and handles all the things necessary to insure you have a great moose hunting experience, just wanted to throw a big Thank You to him and to Russ Meyer, our consultant for all his help from the start, to the end of this moose hunt.

I was super happy with the hunt! My trophy was amazing, the overall Alaska experience was amazing. This was an unguided hunt so I put my guide, as myself was great! and my field prep was great because I did it. Moose density was plentiful and the memories will last a lifetime.

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