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Idaho Elk Outfitter Report

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Idaho Elk Hunting

Outfitter: HCO1

We just finished up with a group of OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL hunters who had a great hunt out of the lodge. Right after that we did our last elk hunt in the Idaho Wilderness, again with an OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL hunter. We parked at our high base camp and bivvyed out up No Tellum’ Creek. Remember that bow hunt with Jason, Brian and Steve? Threw caution to the wind and headed back into that country on this one and it paid off big time. I hadn’t even been in there in over a year.

This sucker is a toad. Packed this SOB out on my back, five trips total on my EXO pack, 1,000 vertical up, 1,000 vertical down and about 5-6 miles per round trip. Feeling it today, but this is a real deal bull. Cut his tracks early in the snow, was freaking cold up there. All our food and water froze solid, even in the cooler. Had to thaw it out by the fire. Hammered him at 109 yards with a .308. There was another bull with him, but we never saw him, only his ghostly tracks through the burn.

Ted Taylor's Idaho Bull Elk

NOTE: Our last trophy hunter killed about a 335 inch bull as well. Hammering down!

2 thoughts on “Idaho Elk Outfitter Report

  1. Joe The Elk Hunter says:

    Love the 2nd photo for 3 reasons – the size of the bull, the span of them horns and the scenery in the background – strikingly beautiful!

    • Cory Glauner says:

      Yes, it’s a great bull and a very cool pic. Thanks for the comment.

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