WY Mule Deer Hunt Report by Paul Shellgren

Hunter: Paul Shellgren
October, 2017
Trip Taken:
Wyoming Hunting Lodge

I was very impressed with the number of mule deer we were seeing on our Wyoming hunt. It was my first time mule deer hunting and was ready to take the first nice buck that I saw. However, my guide said to hold off and it was on the afternoon of the 3rd day of a 4 day hunt that he finally gave his approval to take the buck. It was in the birch trees with snow on the ground but less than a 100 yards It was a one shot kill to the neck. When admiring the buck a grouse walked down and jumped on a log 10 feet away and starting to drum. It seemed like it knew the deer’s spirit had departed! Also, saw a lot of elk, a Shiras moose, and a badger, heard elk bugling and coyotes howling.


  • How likely will you be to refer friends to OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL about this hunt? Very likely
  • How was the outfitters pre-hunt communication ? Good How would you rate the overall trophy quality? Excellent
  • How would you rate the lodging? Excellent
  • How would you rate the food? Excellent
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your guide? Excellent
  • How was the Field Dressing and Trophy Preparation? Excellent
  • Were you successful or unsuccessful? Successful
  • Were you happy with the overall experience? I am very happy and want to re book for 2019.
  • How physically difficult was the hunt? Moderate
  • Is there anything that the outfitter should do differently in your opinion? They were a bit rushed with hunters coming in to hunt, as Wyoming cut their 12 day season to 8 days. However, they handled the situation quite well with no inconvenience to the hunters.
  • How were your conversations with your OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL Hunting Consultant? Excellent
  • How was your Consultant’s pre-hunt correspondence? Excellent
  • How was your Consultant’s post-hunt follow up? Excellent
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your Consultant? Excellent
  • How would you rate your agent? My agent was amazing
  • What would you like to see us offer or do more of or do differently? Keep up the good work.
  • Will you book another trip with OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL in the future? Yes
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