Colorado Pronghorn Hunt Report by HARRIE DENNISON

Harrie Dennison with is awesome Colorado antelope


Date: October 3-7, 2022
Trip Taken: Colorado Pronghorn Hunt
Consultant: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International

My wife wanted to hunt pronghorns this year, and the trip I wanted to do in Wyoming was booked. I called my go to expert, Kyle Hanson with Outdoors International, and asked his opinion, without hesitation he advised us to check out a hunt in Colorado. After reviewing the details and talking to Kyle, we booked our hunt.

The outfitter and his wife were great in keeping us advised on the details of the upcoming trip answering all questions we had.

We arrived on 10/02 and met our guides at a local mercantile where we purchased our tags and licenses, and headed out to the main hunting lodge to get squared away. Our lead guide, Miles, wanted to know if we wanted to sight in the rifles at their range or get in an afternoon hunt. I had just taken a Blacktail buck nine days prior and we knew Sue’s .308 was on from a wild hog she’d taken about a month prior. So we opted to hunt, I was first up by luck of the draw.

We were hunting on private ranch permits, and the ranch we hunted had not been hunted this season.

We started seeing bucks immediately, as the rut was in full swing. We passed up a few bucks, including the first buck we saw that was a shooter. Miles and Cam, the other guide, saw an excellent buck about a 1,000 yards out. We dropped into a gully with the truck and brought the distance down. We started in on foot, finally crawling up to the top of a draw, anticipating a 350+ yard shot. But the does had moved towards us, and I was able to drop him at 165 yards.

Harrie and his wife Sue with his buck

My buck far exceeded what I thought I would harvest.

He not only had a lot of mass but was tall, he was quite a warrior with one cutter busted in half the other cracked and a broken tip. He’s character was exactly what I was looking for, sure he lost some score points, but he was a fighter.

Miles was an excellent guide, a local born Craig man, with experience guiding internationally. He has a lot of patience, a consummate professional, who is fun to hunt with.

After pictures were taken and the buck was gutted, we went into town and dropped the buck off for processing at 08:00 pm! We were greeted by the owner of Mountain Meats, their processor. As a side note both of our bucks were processed and frozen for our return trip home on Thursday morning! They also have dry ice available to pack our ice chests!

The accommodations are nice, small comfortable, newly constructed personal cabins.

There is a very nice main Lodge where everyone gathers for socializing and meals.

The meals are incredible.

Two Chefs, the main Chef, Wayne, being trained out of the San Francisco Culinary Institute, and Terry from NorCal have cooked all over the United States and Mexico. They are attentive, fun and incredible chefs. You will not be disappointed.

We had a chance to have dinner with the new owner as of 2020, and his wife Laura. Wonderful folks. Paul is a dedicated hunter whose goal is to make his company one of the premier outfitters in Colorado. Casey and Camie have stayed on with Paul and Laura to manage the business they started to help Paul make it even better.

Sue Dennison with her buck pronghorn

Sue, my wife connected with another incredible buck on Tuesday, but I’ll let her do her own review.

Many thanks to Kyle Hanson, my go to rep, for yet another fantastic recommendation. We’re already plotting, with Camie for a mule deer hunt with them.


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I always have total confidence in Kyle’s recommendations. He’s become a friend.

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