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  • Hunt private ranches.
  • In New Mexico you can hunt pronghorn antelope with any weapon.
  • Guaranteed landowner tags are available in most cases.
  • Our clients have had a near 100% shot opportunity with rifles, and 95% shot opportunity on archery hunts.
  • Antelope hunting is done by spot-and-stalk, decoys and ground blinds over water.
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If you’re wanting to go to New Mexico trophy antelope hunting, our outfitters have a reputation for high trophy quality and near perfect success rates. You can expect to see mature quality bucks with horns ranging from 75″ to 82″ plus. The goal for your hunt will be a buck scoring from the low 70’s to 85+ inches.

We offer some amazing antelope hunting in New Mexico, for rifle, archery, and muzzleloader hunters. Nearly all of these hunts take place on huge private ranches with virtually no hunting pressure other than a few of our guided hunters. We have several different private ranches to hunt antelope, each loaded with goats.

We have some great New Mexico antelope hunting for trophy pronghorn antelope.

  • Pronghorn antelope hunting season in New Mexico is from August through December.
  • Hunt private land with no public access.
  • Trophy bucks are the norm. Expect to see mature quality bucks with horns ranging from 75 to 82 inches plus!
  • Lots of speed goats.
  • Low hunter pressure in most areas.
  • Landowner tags are available in most cases if you contact us quickly.
  • These are easy to moderate hunts, depending on the ranch you’re on.

We’re looking forward to helping you book a great hunt.

You can purchase your New Mexico hunting license, tags, or apply for your hunt online, but talk to us first so you know which units to get your tag in.

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2 reviews for New Mexico Trophy Antelope Hunts

  1. Gary Willeford

    Because of rain, hunting water holes hunt didn’t work. The guide came and got me from the blind to go do some spot-and-stalk hunting. They made it happen!

  2. Mark Sij

    Had a great time on my pronghorn hunt. We hunted just outside Roswell, New Mexico. Saw lots of good bucks everyday – even despite a rain day. My guide was excellent, and put me on a great speed goat.

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