Scottish Red Deer Hunt Report by Paul Canevari

Hunters: Paul Canevari
Date: September 26, 2016
Trip Taken: Scotland Red Stag Hunt
Consultant: Mat Cervantes | OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL

Red Deer Hunt in Scotland

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our free range stag hunt in Scotland. The Dalnacardoch Lodge was wonderful and the staff outstanding. The deer hunt itself was challenging yet not overly difficult. Our guide was very knowledgeable, enjoyable to be with, and a real gentleman. The firearms and ammo at our disposal were topnotch. I killed a nice stag on the first day of the hunt after a very exciting and challenging stalk. The red grouse rough shooting hunt was also well done and provided me the opportunity to kill a few birds (even though the weather that day was horrible).

Overall I would highly recommend this hunt and this lodge to all of my hunting friends. It was an incredibly relaxing 4 days spent in very beautiful surroundings. It must also be noted that the location of the lodge afforded excellent sightseeing and shopping opportunities. One of the best ‘hunting trips’ I’ve been fortunate enough to experience.

  • How likely will you be to refer friends to Outdoors International about this hunt? Very Likely
  • How was the outfitters pre-hunt communication? Good
  • How would you rate the overall trophy quality? NA (This was not a trophy hunt)
  • How would you rate the outfitters lodging? Excellent
  • How would you rate the food? Good
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your guide? Excellent
  • How was the Field Dressing and Trophy Preparation: Excellent
  • Was your hunt successful? Yes
  • Were you happy with your trophy and the overall experience? Yes, very much so.
  • How physically difficult was the hunt? Moderate
  • Is there anything that the outfitter should do differently in your opinion? Not really. Our communication was adequate but could have been more specific on some points.
  • Your Agent’s Name: Mat Cervantes
  • How likely would you be to refer Outdoors International booking services to your friends and family? Very Likely
  • How were your conversations with your agent? Good
  • How was the agent’s pre-hunt correspondence? Good
  • How savvy/knowledgeable was your agent? Excellent
  • How was your agent’s post-hunt follow up? Good
  • Will you book another trip with Outdoors International in the future? Yes. Probably will. Considering another Scotland trip or maybe Hungary. First time I used your service. Satisfied with the experience.
  • Anything about this trip that you think we should be aware of? Fishing. I had two open days after killing my stag before the grouse hunt. Providing information on fishing availability would have been helpful. Actually it was relatively easy to get a nice beat through Blair Castle or a fishing club along the Spey.
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