DIY Moose Hunt Report by Kory Deming

Hunters: Kory Deming
Date: September, 2016
Trip Taken: Unguided Moose Hunt in Alaska

It was a fantastic unguided hunt!

I never thought I would ever be able to do an affordable moose hunt. They were very helpful in getting us into a good spot. We got dropped of in a pretty wet spot and were able to fly in and move us to a little dryer location. Once they did I couldn’t believe the moose we were hearing. It was pretty much all day we would hear bulls grunting around us!

We hunted for no more than a day and a half and a 56″ beast was 600 yards away. Gave a few calls and was less than 100 yards in less than 3 minutes! It was incredible. I shot him at about 70-80 yards and I can’t explain how incredible that feeling was. I had just shot an animal I never thought I would get to shoot in my life.

To top it off the day we were flying out. I had the opportunity to watch a bull come down to the lake and swim right across from me 300 yards. Get out of the water shake off and listen to me call . Definitely could’ve called him in. Was icing on the cake for my hunt!!

Packing out a big bull moose

I will be booking with Outdoors International again! Over all the service was great. Russ pretty much nailed the hunt. Was a very exciting moose hunt.

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