How to Call Moose

Calling moose isn’t rocket science. There are only two main moose sounds to learn: the cow call and the bull call.

While you’re preparing for your moose hunt, and thinking about learning how to call moose, don’t worry, because it’s not that difficult. The only equipment you need is something to amplify your voice, usually a cone of some sort, and some moose hunters only use their cupped hands. A traditional call is made out of birch bark.

  1. Set up in a good area with lots of moose sign and start calling.
  2. Mix in a series of cow calls with intermittent bull grunts.
  3. Be sure to have the wind right because moose trust their noses EVERY time.
  4. You can accentuate your moose calls by breaking limbs or “flashing” a boat paddle in the sun to resemble antlers.
  5. Sometimes a moose decoy will make all the difference.
  6. Don’t expect a bull moose to come racing in like elk sometimes do. Sometimes they are hard to convince and they are never in a hurry, so take your time.

Learn how to build your own birch bark call.

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Cow Moose Sounds

Cow moose usually make a moaning sound, sometimes long and drawn out for up to 10 seconds, and sometimes shorter and “whiny” sounding. When you hear it in the woods, you will be surprised. I almost guarantee it.

Bull Moose Sounds

A bull moose makes a subtle, throaty, airy grunting sound. It’s hard to describe without hearing it. We have attached a video below that has some good moose rut vocalizations. Give it a listen in the video below.

If you go with a good moose hunting guide, you really don’t need to know how to call because he will do the calling for you.

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