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  • This is an “easy” Alberta farmland moose hunt in the Canola and oat fields of the Peace River Region.
  • Moose hunting in the Peace River area is getting better every year. Success rates are high with opportunity being 100%.
  • Spot and stalk.
  • Guiding is all done 1×1.
  • 5 Day hunt.
  • Archery hunts are from late August to early September.
  • Rifle hunts are from late September to early October.
  • Due to a resident draw system that was introduced in 1999 the quantity and quality of these bulls has grown very well.
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This Alberta farmland moose hunt gives hunters an excellent chance for hunters to harvest a good bull for a great price.

This hunt is not known for its excessive difficulty, in fact this hunt is fairly easy. You’ll typically spot bulls in the fields from the road,  and then stalk into shooting range to harvest the bull. If you’re looking for a hardcore hunt this is not the hunt for you. However, if you are looking for a high success moose hunt with an excellent guide, then this hunt would work well for you!

2 reviews for Alberta Farmland Moose Hunt

  1. A. Hunter

    This is the only place I’ve ever moose hunted where it’s possible to see trophy black bear, moose, whitetail, mule deer and elk all in the same field. Amazing!

  2. Gary Whidden

    I spent a lot of time trying to find a good archery hunt for moose that wouldn’t break the bank but also be a challenge and I found just that with the help of Outdoors International and my consultant Patrick Kissel.

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